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We always get asked, what does "refurbished mean?" Well Refurbished should mean, "return a product back to its original condition"


If you were to buy a USED phone from eBay you will always expect to find traces of use, dirt and dust and in some cases fascia damage, which just adds to your cost! It is hard to belive that 2-3 year old used mobile phones change hands for up to £100! Have you ever thought, will it work?? Where has it come from?? Was it the sellers property to sell in the first place?? Not to mention the poor packing the seller sends it in! (even when you have paid £8 P&P an it has less than £2 Postage on the jiffy bag)

I have seen many sellers on eBay selling "refurbished phones" I have even bought a couple to see what the quality is like! Sad to say all were pretty poor! The phones themselves were "as described" but no refurbishment had taken place other than a new case! What a con!

Lets be honest with the number of cheap / imported cases on eBay, excuse the obvious but ANYBODY could buy a couple of cheap cases, wipe over a phone and sell it has been refurbished! You can normally spot the sellers a mile off! 1) The picture wont be of the phone you are buying 2) The phone will have a non original case fitted 3) The listing it will say "No returns / No refunds" 4) Properly wont be supplied with a charger. Why spend £20-£40 of your hard earned cash, when if you look around you will find the same phone (maybe a few quid more) but from a seller who knows what they are doing and offer a warranty!


Every phone we sell is professionally striped down, cleaned and tested by trained technicians in a enviroment designed for mobile phones. All our phones WILL be supplied with a fully tested battery and in most cases NEW ones! Fully tested NEW Chargers.

Where nessasary we will upgrade the phones software, any infomation from the previous owner will be removed and the phone will be restored to its original condition.

We will always fit new original coloured nokia fascias/cases and keypads on the phone.


Another question we get asked is "please wrap the phone in buddle wrap as i dont want it getting damaged" This just makes me wonder who would post a mobile phone without wrapping it up? or at least trying to find a suitable box? Clearly that happens!!!

All our phones will be delivered using new NEW packing, We pack all our phones in NEW retail boxes to ensure safe delivery. We use Royal Mail as our prefered carrier and 99.9% of the phones are delivered next day!

Be warned - in most cases using Royal Mail first class recorded P&P for a mobile phone and charger should cost under £6! This covers postage costs, all packing, jiffy bag, box, bubble wrap, (Special delivery under £7)

I hope you found this review helpful.


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