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Once upon a time in the dim & distant past . . . . . . well . . .  a while ago anyway, any inkjet printer cartridge which was not one of the original printer manufacturer's ink cartridges were not so good. Cheaper - yes, but they would often leak, perform badly & print poorly. Some even needed the use of a syringe to fill them! Happily, this is no longer the case thanks to JETTEC ink cartridges. We recommend the use of original manufacturer's ink cartridges whilst you are still within the printer's 12 month warranty period, but after that, the excellent range of JETTEC cartridges definitely need to be considered. They are available from us at affordable competitive prices. Using JETTEC ink cartridges is a considerable saving over the original manufacturer's ink cartridges. Their performance is good & we have encountered very few problems both selling & using them.
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