UTQG A guide to the Treadlife and Grip of Tyres.

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Which stands for

Uniform Tyre Quality Grade

Remember that UTQG is just a guide but it can help when comparing different

brands of tyre, most tyres look good so the UTQG is a guide to the

grip and treadlife of the tyre


Most tyres in the UK have these markings on the sidewall, you will see them as:






A test is required of all dry-weather tyres  before they may be sold in the United States and most tyres in the UK have these markings. This is a basic test that produces three index markings : Tread life, Traction and Temperature. The figures are set by the US Government, Not the tyre companies.

Remember that most cars today are front wheel drive and all cars steer and do most of the braking on the front, rear tyres will outlast front tyres by as much as 4x , also remember that Motorway mileage is kind on treadware compared to urban driving. In 2 hours of motorway driving you can easily clock 140 miles of treadware, but as you have just been cruising at a constant speed with little braking or turning you have not worn the tyres much. In contrast 30 miles of stop go urban driving will give much greater treadware.


The treadware index measures the relative tread life of the tyre compared to a "government reference". An index of 100 is the starting point so a tyre marked "Treadware 200" should do twice as many miles as a tyre with "Treadware 100. Most tyres today are above 200 so if you got 20000 miles out of a tyre with a TW of 200 you should get 30000 miles out of a tyre with a TW of 300 , or to put it another way the tyre should last 33% longer than the tyre with a treadware of 200. Most Kumho tyres have a treadware above 300


The Traction test is a measure of wet braking performance of a new tyre. The lowest rating is C and the highest is AA , most road tyres are marked A and AA so we can ignore anything less.   This rating is only about straight line stopping distance and has no bearing on cornering ability , Traction is generaly a direct trade against Treadware, the softer the tyre the more grip but the least mileage and the harder the tyre the least grip but more mileage. The holy grail for tyre companies is a Treadware of 500 with a Traction of AA, so far no one has achieved this.  Most Kumho tyres have a Traction rating of AA


The temperature test is run at high speeds and high ambient temperatures until the tyre fails. To achieve a minimum grade of "C" the tyre must safely run at 85mph for 30 minutes, this grade is better represented by the speed rating. Most tyres are marked with the highest rating (A) so in the real world go by the speed rating.  


Or in simple terms.

The higher the Treadware number the longer the tyre will last

A is the minimum Traction rating I would sell for road use

AA is the highest Traction rating and most tyres I sell are AA

The Temperature rating is not that important









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