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with all this summer heat the wasp and insects are out in force so i brought one of these electronic insect killer lanteens for about £12 including p&p

When i first plugging it in, it didnt look liked it worked as the UV light was so faint but by night you could see the light although not very bright

The unit should be placed above where you are, not very easy as they only seem to come with a short lead which did not even reach the floor so an extension lead was required

The most annoying thing about these is that they are RUBBISH we left ours on for 2 days and it caught nothing.

The wasps came and went, not even bothered by the unit

I dont know how they work during the day as the UV light that should attract them is not bright enough

My advice is if you are thinking about buying one of these DONT they are a waste off money and another bit of junk to keep in the garage

Hp[e thats helps

thanks Guys


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