UV and Glow in the Dark Material / Fabric paint instructions

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UV Black Light and Glow in the Dark Material/Fabric Paint Instructions
StarMakerFX Material/Fabric  Paints are mixed using a special heat sensitive acrylic curing solution. This specially formulated medium is designed to adhere the paint to the fabric once heated. These formulations are used by screen printers worldwide to make T-shirts and prints on clothing. Once semi-dry, the clothing is sent through heaters and UV curing machines. Most homes do not have these appliances, so our paints are designed with this in mind. Simply follow these instructions and you too can create amazing designs that last.
1. Prepare your material. Use grease proof paper under your fabric so the paint does not leech through to the reverse side.
2. Create your design using StarMakerFX UV and Glow in the Dark Material/Fabric Paints.
3. Once you have finished your creation, leave to air dry for at least 3 hours (this will stop the paint from moving too much).
4. Now take a hair dryer & gently dry your design, making sure you heat both sides front and back. DO NOT OVERHEAT as this can cause a number of issues, discoloration, and/or a skin over the paint leaving the inside wet.
5. Preferably leave overnight before wearing /using for the first time- just to make sure it si fully cured.
To keep your new design from being destroyed in the wash, it is best to hand wash it in low temperatures or machine wash on a setting for something like fragile silks.
Paint may crack if painted on too thick. Best results if used on White or very light materials/fabrics. Darker colors soak up the fluorescence and the paints become less visible, even under UV.
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