UV reactive cathode & UV reactive Fan or a Cold cathod?

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We have received few negative and neutral feedbacks because customer bought an AKASA UV reactive blue IDE cable or PSU Molex power splitter UV reactive cables. As far as I can remember feedbacks were e.g Fake item and it does not light up.
Some customer ordered Red cold cathode light or Blue cathode light but they left neutral feedback because their UV reactive PC case fan, Floppy UV reactive and IDE UV reactive cables including UV PSU Molex splitter does not lights up.

Well, an UV reactive cable or Fan [which have fluorescent coloring agents] will only lights up or glo if you have 'UV Cold cathode' in your pc case. It doesn't matter which colour UV reactive fan or cables you have [You could have Red UV reactive fan, Blue UV reactive SATA cables etc.] Red will glo or lights up bright red, Blue will be bright blue.

Let’s say, you want to add some extra brightness in your modded PC case and your pc already have Blue UV reactive fans, cables and an UV reactive cathode which already makes your UV reactive items bright. Should you add another UV reactive cathode? Yes you can, as it will provide more UV light to your UV reactive accssories. UV reactive cathode light actually does not provide much light for your case but for UV reactive items [Uses fluorescent coloring agents]. So, you can add one or two Blue cathode lights and these will provide more light to every corner of your PC case.

So, its simple - If you have UV reactive items [with fluorescent coloring agents] or plan to use UV reactive accessories you must need to have an UV cathode light regardless the colour of your case fan or cable. If you want to add some extra light to your case buy a Blue, Green or Red cold cathode light.

Image: UV cold cathod

Can be used for following items

Images: Akasa UV reactive fan and adapter. Sata cables                                                                                                                    Vantec UV reactive fan

Available UV products from ASSA-Tech eBay store

Available Cold Cathode products from ASSA-Tech eBay store

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