Uggs - The Story

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Uggs are everywhere!  Talking to friends and collegues, everyone I speak to seems confused as to what is a genuine Ugg and what is a copy or fake.  In this review, I will try and share with you my knowledge in hope that it may help you in making a decision into which you purchase (or not!).

Like most people, I thought genuine Uggs were made and from Australia as the brand name is 'Ugg Autralia' - WRONG.  The so called genuine 'Ugg Australia' boots are actually made in China for its American owners called 'Deckers'.  So any Uggs you may be interested from Australia are not actually genuine Uggs - or are they?  OK, I will try and explain a little more; the word UGG stems from the word UGLY, which this name was derived to christen a boot which was made for a surfer in Australia as his feet were cold after surfing.  As time went on, the footwear manufacturer continued to produce this ugly boot until they sold out to an American company in the 1990's (as we now know as Deckers).  Now, the name of 'UGG AUSTRALIA' was born (Uggs were still amde in Australia until recent years) and we do see these great quality and style boots in our appointed retail outlets.  I have to say, Decker (Ugg Australia) do have manufacturered some great boots with great styles and good quality!

What happened to the Australian manufacturers?  Well, the story continues - I am led to believe that at some stage later the EMU was born!  EMU boots are the same styles as Uggs but naturally a lot cheaper!  EMU's are 100% authentic ugly boots (notice I didnt call them Uggs!) made to the same high standards and with 100% merino wool - but still made in China.  These are a great alternative to Uggs at a fraction of the price!

What about all these suppliers in Australia?  From what I can gather, there are quite a few companies and small businesses trying to get on the Ugg bandwagon and offering the same styles as Ugg Australia (which are nothing to do with Australia!).  On our trips to Oz, we have seen many Uggs for sale - some are superb quality and others are not - so I would check them out first before commitment is made.

In conclusion, I hope this information has helped, a little at least!  If you want to buy a 100% genuine 'Ugg Australia' item go to an authorised stockist!  No other company can use the name - but there are other genuine Australian ugg boots out there!  I welcome any feedback on this review although it is intended solely as a guide from what we have learned over the years...please feel free to message me.

Best of luck

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