Unconfirmed addresse's, paypal fraud

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Beware sellers of unconfirmed addresse's with paypal payments from buyers. Be especially vigilant with larger, more expensive items. Horse Saddles seem to be a favourate with the fraudsters. My own personal experience was: I listed a 'buy it now' for my saddle costing £400.00, I also offered free P&P to the buy it now customer! Someone, (Yes, you know who you are ''Rebecca Cash'')  purchased it, paid by paypal and provided an unconfirmed address. When I queried the address, the buyer said that it was her work address and that she could only take delivery of the item at work, (The DHL depot in Gloucester) Fair enough I thought, at this point I was blissfully unaware of what was about to happen!

I posted the saddle out to the buyer straight away and I paid the best part of £15.00 for the postage. Within days I had an E-mail from paypal which I didn't quite understand. It mentioned something about a chargeback..Of course there was plenty of 'Paypal gobaldeygoop' that the layman will fail to grasp, but what I  did understand was that the buyer had claimed that the saddle had not been delivered to her credit card address and also had the audacity to claim that someone else had been spending on her credit card (i.e) Her card had been stolen..This apparently is a favourate one...

Finally I did a bit of detective work and discovered that the fraudster was indeed a Rebecca Cash.  I tracked her down at the DHL office in Gloucester where she works as a clerk and spoke to one of her work collegues who confirmed who she was and that she was an equestrian enthusiast..Bingo I thought!! After lots of ducking and diving on the fraudsters part  I finally managed to get an E-mail response from her..This was due to the fact that  I threatened to send the Gloucestershire constabulary around to pay her a visit and all at work would find out, including her boss just what a dishonest fraudster she was..Finally my saddle arrived back in my hands 3 weeks later but I lost my postage fee of £15.00, my packaging materials, countless hours in phone calls, emails and lost sleep,my eBay listing fee,final value fee, paypal percentage fee and as a final kick in the teeth a charge from paypal for £7.00 for the chargeback in the first place! And now..funny ole thing..she has been kicked off eBay!!

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