Understand bra sizing on European labels

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French and Belgian lingerie brands such as Lejaby, Chantelle, Aubade, Passionata and Marie Jo usually label their bras in the following way:

INT: number  
FR: number ,  cup size 
USA: number

The INT number is one of 70 (that's a UK32), 75 (UK34) 80 (UK36) and so on.
The FR number is one of (85=UK32, 90=UK34, 95=UK36 etc)
The USA number is exactly same as UK sizes

For FR cup sizes, A,B,C,D exactly same as UK. For DD+ it gets more complicated. Many french lingerie brands don't do a DD size. So their E size is one whole cup size bigger than a D and is thus exactly equivalent to our UK DD. Likewise then their F is like our E and so on ... This is certainly true of Lejaby, Chantelle, Aubade and Passionata. Personally I think if you are a cup size larger than  D and you want to buy a bra then you should always check a size chart. If you know you're an E cup in the UK say, just think '2 cup sizes bigger than D) and look for that. Likewise if you know you're a GG and your chosen brand doesn't do a GG at all, look for how many cup sizes bigger than a GG you are in a UK chart then compare to a chart for that brand. Best of all go to a shop, get fitted, and remember your size in the chosen brand then buy from ebay in future!

Finally for searching for bras on European ebay sites, make sure you know what size to look for. If you're looking on a french ebay site and you're 32C, search for 85C, as you should use the FR numbers. If you're looking on a german ebay site then they usually use the INT numbers and search for 70C. If in doubt read the full description to get all three numbers which are written on the label, and refer back to this guide.

Finally, 'slip' in french means knickers not a chemise! Often they use 'tanga' and 'string' just like we do, though.

I really hope this guide has been helpful, please contact me with any more queries or corrections and I would try to help.

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