Understanding Criticism

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What is criticism to you? Do you find it degrading, hurtful, demoralizing or helpful, inspiring and productive?

Criticism is an informative display, either verbal or written of an act, service or item. It can be highly damaging and wickedly severe. Possibly even, and usually inappropriate.

Criticism can be used to provide a constructive informative appraisal of the service/ item provided. It can, and should be used to promote increased awareness of some detrimental action that could be offsetting an otherwise superb ebaying service. Informing a new ebayer of some action or wording in their listing that could result in dismissal or even legal action would be a criticism of the highest merit and would further that ebayer's knowledge of the ebay ethos. Use criticism freely, have no fear of using this tool of information and advice. Keep it POSITIVE at every occasion. Add product information and number, so no doubt is allowed. Add to your criticism your idea for improvement of the situation. NEVER just say "your item is useless and you should be kicked out of ebay", use wording like "your item could cause offence, please consider researching the item legitimacy before continuing your listing", "if I can help let me know".

"Express Criticism" which is offered without thought is usually ill-informed and poorly prepared. Wording would usually be of an abrupt nature and promote negative feelings and advice. Generally leaving the recipient with doubts about their own ability or direction. This kind of criticism has no place in the ebaying network and should never be entered into.

If you feel you need to criticize, keep it POSITIVE. If you're not sure whether you should criticize then dont. If you are annoyed about a lack of response to an email or a poor delivery schedule, WAIT AND THINK then offer your criticism, when you are clear about your subject.


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