Understanding Tog Guide for Babies

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As a new mum or dad you will be aware of your baby and their temperature, but you may not be aware of how easy it can be to put too much clothing on, especially in the winter in our central heated homes.
With so many issues related to temperature we have tried to give you some guidance on how to assess whether you have too much or too little on your baby.

The British "T0G" value is the international standard measurement of all blankets' thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm. The TOG rating describes the warmth or 'Thermal Resistance' of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK to describe warmth levels of duvets and sleeping bags.

* Your baby can't regulate her temperature in her first month, so dress her in one more layer than you and check her temperature by feeling the back of her neck with the back of your hand.

* Small babies are not very good at controlling their own temperature. It's just as important to avoid getting too hot as it is to avoid getting chilled. Overheating is known to be a factor in cot death. So how do we know what is too hot?

* If the room is warm enough for you to be comfortable wearing light clothing (16 - 20°c) then it is the right temperature for your baby.

* Recommended total in 65 degrees Fahrenheit is 8 togs.
* Remember that swaddling may more than treble the tog value of the item of bedding which swaddles the baby.
* The total tog value of the bedding is the sum of the individual tog values of the layers.
* Ask your midwife or health visitor for advice and a `TOG rating chart'.

Every item of bedding and clothing (including the nappy) will be allocated a TOG number usually ranging from 1/2 to 3. The ideal TOG rating for your baby may depend on whether your house has central heating or not. By adding together the TOG numbers of the vest, stretch suit, nappy, socks, cellular blanket etc you can make sure that your baby is warm enough without overheating.

Remember Don't overdress your baby in bed. Newborns can't regulate their temperature and are vulnerable to overheating.Visit our Ebay store for more Baby Items

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