Understanding Video Games NTSC / PAL UK Games Are PAL.

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Hi all I am writing this guide just for the main factor of things to watch out for in buying games.

I would like everyone to understand about UK games and Outside UK games.

UK games are Pal version and outside the UK are NTSC. NTSC games will work in the UK because there not region locked but the main problem being there won't be any shops accepting them as trade ins. ( Please also beware that not all games are region free so some may not actually work).

You can sell them online again on eBay but make sure you tell people that they are NTSC games as they could leave you looking at a negative feedback for not telling them even thought they might seem normal stil best to check.

Also to check if games are UK Pal there any may ways to see, Look just under the title there is Normally a box there tell you if it is PAL or NTSC. Also some of them are on the back cover where it say how many player you can have for that game and other game information.

I am only pre warning you about this just so you all understand it and that you can make the choice on which version of the game you want to buy.

If you do only want to buy UK Pal games it easy to sort out normally as you search on the left hand side there a drop down menu for format make sure you select Pal. Also our compnay only sell UK Pal version games as well so see if we have anything of intrest to youself.


Chris Johnson

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