Undeserved bad Feedback, oneway feedback is unfair.

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Why are some people so rude and unhelpful. I have worked hard for years to keep my 100% feedback and then had it ruined just like that. I know I made a small error. When a buyer called to collect her purchase, she saw a couple of other items I had listed and asked to buy them.(This was at 9.30 in the morning)I said yes and when she left I went to take them off my listing, only to find someone had bought them at 2.00 am in the morning!!!I had last looked at my items at midnight and didn't dream anyone would have bought them during the night. I contacted her with sincere apologises and said I would refund her money she paid by Pal Pal and asked how she would like to be paid. But the next thing I knew was that she had opened a despute on me.She left me some really awful feedback,but I was not allowed to do the same to her, which sent my feedback ratings right down. I did leave an explanation under her feedback, but it didn't help my ratings, which I am still struggling to get back to 100%. It shows how much damage can be done if people don't think before leaving a bad feed back if it really isn't deserved. I'm glad to say PayPal came out in my favour, but that was too late for my ratings.



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