Unfair negative feedback before any communication ?

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Hi Everyone

Having just recieved my first negative feedback out of over 1000 responces i do feel a bit annoyed about it but there is nothing i can do.The feedback in question was left by a brand new user who joined on the the day they purchased my product a product i might add that i have been selling for 18mths with no problems at all so i thought my advert must be precise and acurate.The buyer never once in that 10 days contacted me to say they were disappointed with there purchase nor did they give me a reason as to why they left the feedback that they did.The feedback that was left mentioned that they thought they were buying something that was not even mentioned, pictured or even made reference to in the sale.I think when this happens ebay should look a a sellers record over a certain period and if it can be seen that they have supplied exactly as stated in the advert and it is obvious that the buyer must have either read the advert wrong or left negative feedback without any contact with the seller 1st then there should be a ruling that ebay can override the feedback left and remove it.After i left the buyer negative feedback in return they decided to contact me and appologise as they made a mistake whilst reading the advert and could i tell them how to retract the feedback i iniated the feedback removal form and now they claim they do not understand how to do it ???.I am still waiting for them to mutually agree to remove the feedback.Although i realise we were all new users at some time or other, but it does seem strange that a lot of the negative feedback is left by new users who then seem to never have any dealings on ebay again.I do believe that some of these could be second accounts setup by users that sell similiar items just to destroy a rivals ratings making them look bad to deal with.I know this is against ebays rules and if you can prove this is the case they will act upon it but the chances of proving this is nearly impossible.Whilst i unlike others would never concider restricting new users or zero rated ebayers bidding on my items as i think this is unfair and tarring everyone with the same brush but i do think the time has come to manage the feedback sytem better.I would welcome any messages from sellers who have had similiar experiences and feel like i do that ebay should look seriously at the policy of retracting feedback with a view to regulating negative feedback left by brand new users as there 1st transaction whether it be buying or selling perhaps by mediating between buyer and seller before allowing neg feedback to be left.




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