Universal Freeview Remote Controls Buying Guide

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Universal Freeview Remote Controls Buying Guide

With all of the technology today, every household has multiple electronic devices that are each controlled by their own remote. There are TVs, cable boxes, DVD players, CD players, surround sound systems, and more. This means that there are numerous remote controls that people have to sort through in order to get everything set up. A universal remote control can eliminate this problem because it is programmed to operate each device regardless of the brand or model.

The freeview box is becoming popular in the UK and is yet another device that comes with its own remote. Rather than juggling through all the remotes, people can purchase one universal remote control to operate everything and replace all of the others. The freeview box provides customers with access to 48 free channels and radio stations. The box is purchased as a one-time fee and there is no contract or monthly payments. This makes the box ideal for families who only want access to the main channels and are not interested in expensive monthly payments. However, a universal remote should also be purchased with the box to eliminate the added hassle of having another remote to deal with.

About Freeview

Freeview broadcasts several free-to-view channels and radio stations. The most popular channels are BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. The basic box only provides the predetermined channels, but buyers can purchase upgraded versions if they want to. For example, Freeview+ gives people the ability to record TV, rewind, and fastforward. Freeview HD allows consumers to watch television in high definition. Lastly, those who do not want to purchase the box can get a TV with freeview built into it. This eliminates the problem of fitting another entertainment device near the TV.

Universal Freeview Remote Control Compatibility

The biggest issue people run into with universal remotes is that some of them are not compatible with Freeview. However, this is not unique to freeview, with all of the different types of entertainment devices, brands, and models; inevitably some remote controls will not work with some of the devices. In order to avoid this problem, simply read the manufacturers’ remote control description to find out what devices it is compatible with.

Types of Universal Remote Controls

There are two basic kinds of universal remote controls available: pre-programmed,, and learning remotes.. The pre programmed remotes are the most common and cost effective. They come programmed with information for many different device models and brands. Setting them up is difficult and time consuming, though. Learning remotes gather the device information from the old remotes.

Pre-Programmed Universal Remote Controls

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of devices that come with remotes such as TVs and DVD players. On top of that, there are thousands of brands and models to choose from. Each product brand and model has a unique code assigned to it that consists of several digits. The remote has those codes programmed into it and comes with an instruction pamphlet for people to find their codes and set up the remotes. Hooking up the remote to the devices is time consuming and complicated. It is also not uncommon for the correct code to not work so people have to find the right code through trial and error.

Learning Universal Remotes

Learning remotes are more expensive but much easier to set up. They do not come programmed for any specific devices. Instead, they gather all the code information from the old remote through the infrared ports in both controllers. It is fast and simple to do even for those who have a lot of devices to hook up. The biggest downfall to these remotes is that they can only be set up by people who still have their old remote. Many people purchase universal remotes because the lost the old ones. If this is the case, the learning remote cannot be set up unless it comes with the ability to be programmed.

Universal Remote Control Features

At first glance, universal remotes look like they have a steep learning curve because they are covered with so many buttons. Almost all universal remotes have more buttons and options than a regular remote does. This gives the universal remote more flexibility by having all of the different control buttons needed for each device. Before buying a new remote, make sure it has the buttons needed to replace the old control.

Universal Remote Control Feature


Bluetooth Compatible

Not all devices connect to their remotes through an infrared beam. Some use a bluetooth connection which some universal remotes are not compatible with

Channel Switch

These buttons flip between channels on the TV

Fast Forward and Rewind

Fast forward and rewind buttons are used for DVD and Blu-ray players. These are needed for those who use Freeview +


The input button allows people to switch the TV connection between devices. For example, in order to go from watching a film to watching television, the TV has to switch its connection from the DVD or Blu-ray player, to the Freeview box

IR Code

This capability allows the remote to be programmed to a new device even if the code is not pre-programmed into it. Essentially, a new code can be programmed in manually

LCD Display

LCD displays are expensive but they make navigation and setting up the control easier. Usually they can also give people instructions as they are using the remote control

Macro Programming

Macro programming allows the user to record a sequence of commands into memory with one button press. For example, if programmed, one button could switch to the TV from whatever connection it is at and go to channel two

Number of Device Connections

Every controller has a limit on the number of devices it can connect to

Numeric Keypad

The keypad is essential when the user needs to enter channel numbers or programme a device

PC Configuration

Some universal remotes can connect to a computer and be configured through the computer

Phone Capability

With this feature, the remote also acts as the house phone. This can be inconvenient when a phone call is received and a different person wants to control the TV but cannot until the call ends

Power Button

The power buttons turn the devices on and off

Stop, Play, and Pause

These buttons are used for watching films or using Freeview +


The record button is used with Freeview + to record television programmes


The repeater allows the controller to access devices in other areas of the home, such as a radio


This button accesses the settings menu on each device

TV Guide Navigations

Navigation buttons include up, down, left, right, select, guide, and back buttons to navigate through the Freeview channel menu


Volume control is essential and standard on all universal remotes

To select the features, look at all of the old controls and see what buttons they have. The universal controller will need to have all of the same buttons.

Find Universal Freeview Remote Controls on eBay

When shopping for any technical devices with a lot of different features and capabilities to choose from, it becomes difficult finding them at local shops. Usually trips to multiple shops is required to find one that has the right combination of features. eBay is a huge help to shoppers because they have thousands of products of all kinds. You can view all of your options in one location, stay at home, and even bargain shop between the different sellers who have the product that you want.

eBay makes shopping simple for buyers. Simply type the name of the product you are looking for into the search bar and click the Search button. For example, type something such as "universal remote control&" or "LCD universal remote control&". eBay will then compile a list of all the products that match what you typed. You can then begin to browse through products and narrow them d  own to the ones you like. If you’d like to save some time, you can enter in your price range so that eBay won’t show the products outside it. You can then also sort the listings shown by their price. Be sure to also include the postage charge into the overall price of the remote control.


Universal remote controls make it possible to operate multiple devices without the headache of sorting through several different controllers. Four or five separate remotes is not only confusing, but they also take up a lot of room and make the area look cluttered. Combining everything into one can make everyone’s home cinema experience more relaxing and therefore more enjoyable. Selecting a universal remote control that works with the Freeview box is as simple as finding one that says it is compatible. The manufacturers list the products that their remotes will work with. All shoppers have to do after that is follow the steps provided and choose the kind of remote to get, determine which features are needed based on what each device needs, then go online and find a remote control that matches all that criteria.

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