Unlock you N series NOKIA the only way

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Today if you search on ebay, unlock N80 you would find more than 100 listings for different prices from 1£ to 20£s

but the matter of fact is there is NO way to unlock your all N series handsets + 6680, 6280 and 6630 nokia handsets.

but i unlocked my 6680 and 6280 for the price of 15£ only without sending my handsets anywhere or without any risk of loss of my 15£.

im explaining here about the handsets on three networks hense i dont know about orange and other networks

if your contract is say 6 months old you have to pay remaining 6 or 12 months (depending on your contract length)line rent + you pay 15£ service charges for unlocking fees to three.

if you have a three handset from your previous contract you can still call them and ask them for the unlock code.

once you pay remaining line rental + 15£ unlock fees, they will ask for your phone's imei number.  three will call you back in 7 days and will give u the code for three handset

once you unlock your set you can sell it legally as you have paid for the remaining length of contract.

do you know nokia 6280 locked on three sells for average 100£ on the otherhand unlocked 6280 sells for upto 180£

so if you have spare phone save now by selling it early.


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