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This is a friendly warning to eBayers to avoid http://www.UnlockSearch.com/. Although they're not doing anything wrong per se, their web site is carefully worded to give the impression that they will provide you with an unlock code for your mobile phone. They won't! All they provide is this:[quote]
        UNLOCK REPORT - [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number]

* Your phone:    [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number]
* Your country:    [country you chose]
* Your network:    [network provider you chose]
* Your IMEI:     [IMEI you entered]

        WHAT IS [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number] UNLOCKING?

* [network provider] phones are usually locked by [network provider]
* This means they can only be used on [network provider]
* Unlocking enables you to use any compatible network
* We have 5 different options to unlock your [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number]
* Keep reading to find out more...

        WHY UNLOCK YOUR [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number]?

* Choose any network, giving you freedom to use the best value provider
* Use foreign SIM cards when roaming, save on extortionate roaming costs
* Once unlocked to all networks you can sell it to anyone, and make more money
* Swap SIM cards at different times, get the best value tariff

        HOW DO I UNLOCK MY [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number]?

Option 1

Unlock your phone with a [network provider] unlock code

* Price:         Sometimes free depending on your account status
* Difficulty:     As easy as dialling a phone number
* Time:         Can be instantly (dependant on [network provider])

 - Phone [network provider] customer services
 - Ask for an unlock code to use foreign SIM cards in your [mobile manufacturer]
 - [network provider] should be able to provide the unlock code
 - Price is dependent on your account status
 - You may need to pay the unlock code fee up front
 - Your unlock code will be sent to you either by post, email or SMS

Option 2

Unlock your phone at a local independent dealer or market stall

* Price:         Small charge (dependant on the retailer)
* Difficulty:     Medium
* Time:         Instantly in store

 - Find them using your online / telephone directory
 - Ask them to unlock your [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number], locked to [network provider] in [country you chose]
 - Get your [mobile manufacturer] unlocked in store using special hardware
 - Ensure you back up all your settings and critical data
 - You can usually negotiate the price
 - The work can be done instantly - while you wait

Option 3

Unlock your phone with an online retailer's unlock code

* Price:         Sometimes free (dependant on the retailer)
* Difficulty:     As easy as dialling a phone number
* Time:         From instantly to several weeks

 - Use a search engine to locate an online retailer
 - Ensure they guarantee an unlock code is available
 - Order the unlock code online
 - Wait for the unlock code to arrive (can take several weeks)
 - Can be sent by email, SMS or even over the phone

Option 4

Unlock your phone with online unlock software downloads

* Price:         Free (subject to availability)
* Difficulty:     Can be technically challenging
* Time:         Instant download

 - Search for the latest unlock software
 - Download & install the software
 - Software usually generates an unlock code to enter into the keypad
 - Alternatively unlock directly with the phones original USB cable
 - Get free technical support online

Option 5

Unlock your phone with your own unlock clip or unlock box

* Price:         Most expensive option (clips usually cheaper than boxes)
* Difficulty:     Can be technically challenging
* Time:         Instantly once you have the equipment

 - Use a search engine to find a suitable online retailer
 - Search for [mobile manufacturer] [mobile model number] unlock clips and/or unlock box
 - Order the hardware online
 - Get free technical support on the manufacturers website
 - Option for additional paid support with many online stores

        (c)2009 Unlock Search

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