Unmounted Rubber Stamps & how to use them

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Here are a few different ways to mount and use unmounted stamps a beginners guide and also good info if you'd like to try a different method


I mostly use this method, it's quick, relatively inexpensive and easy to clean up afterwards.
You can just stick your stamp to the block using Pritt Stick or any of the cheaper brands as you don't need it to hold permanently. Just add the glue, stamp, then wash off both glue and ink under the tap. Try stamping on top of a mouse mat it helps give a good clear image.


Apply strips of tape onto your mounting blocks. The tape can be left on the blocks if you store them on wax paper. Peel off the paper, stick your stamps on and you are ready to go.
I have some broad double sided packing tape that i have used successfully for this method, I have been told it is similar to DS carpet tape which you can buy in Wilkinson's and will give a firm hold


Mount your stamps onto the loop tape, cutting round carefully. Halos mounts have grooves into which the hook tape adheres, allowing you to easily add and remove your stamps.

Halos loop tape does provide some of the cushioning you need for stamping, but again a mouse mat underneath your card when stamping can help, particularly for larger stamps.


Peel the liner from the adhesive side of the foam and adhere to your rubber stamp.
Closely trim the excess rubber and foam with a pair of strong, sharp scissors.
Remove the paper liner from the other side, this exposes the static cling and can now be attached to your acrylic blocks.
Stamps can be stored on commercially available plastic storage sheets


Any of the methods mentioned can be used for larger stamps but sometimes getting a clean image can be tricky. A good way round this is to place the stamp on your working surface, ink it up, then place the cardstock on top of the stamp carefully. Then take a large mount, which covers the whole of the stamp, and place that on top of the cardstock, you need to be careful not to smudge the ink at this point. Press down and you should have a lovely, clean image.
I have also used a brayer to run over larger stamps too, which works well as long as you are careful not to run over the edge and get an imprint of the mount too!


I mainly use baby wipes but make sure they are alcohol free, the cheap thin type in tubs are better than the thicker fluffy ones as they can leave fibres on your stamps.
Baby wipes will not remove permanent inks such as staz on, archival or memories inks. For these you will need to use a permanent ink cleaner.
Apply the cleaner to the stamp, leave it a short while to settle into all the grooves, then wipe it off with a baby wipe or a rub-it scrub-it pad, then pat dry on a pad of kitchen towel.
If you have a particularly detailed stamp an old toothbrush can be used to scrub into the tricky areas.

Happy Stamping

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