'Unpaid item' scam

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I'm writing this not really as a guide (although I hope it might be useful for some people), but to try and get action about this topic because I'm getting no other help from ebay.

The scam is the usual 'logon' scam, coming as an email warning about non-payment of an item. I would normally simply ignore this (I get several scam emails each day), but the item referred to was one which my wife had actually been looking at (although not logged on to ebay as a user). I have now received this numerous times, but only on this one item. A number of the spoof-busting websites refer to this, but never say that a viewed item is the subject of the spoof.

This can't be a coincidence, so somebody has hacked into my PC or ebay or possibly picked up traffic in between. McAfee and Windows Defender both say that my PC is clean. All I can get out of ebay (after 2 attempts) is an automated email saying that they didn't send the spoof email (obviously !). Not even a suggestion that they might try to close down the offending website.

I have tried to contact the other bidders on that item to see if they have had the same problem (ie the peretrator may be connected to the item somehow, or it may even be a spoof item), but ebay has blocked this 'for the good of the community'.

Can anybody help ?



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