Unpleasant eBay experience! Read this as your reminder

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Unpleasant eBay Experience!

We have been selling for many years on eBay. Throughout the years, we have met a lot of genuine sincere buyers and sellers, which make eBay a great pleasure. Unavoidable there are some insincere buyers, or bidders.

Some of them totally ignore the invoices you sent them, some even request item before sending payment. Buying and selling online is so complicated. Sometime we might not notice some tiny little things, and we might lose the merchandise, even the full payment that we though we receive in the first place.

Below there are some cases for sharing:

Case 1:

There is a buyer telling me she is buying a pair of shoes from me as a gift. The recipient is a man in Northern Ireland. She told me it is a gift for her husband. Later Paypal informed me it was a fraud, and the card issuer charged back and Paypal just took the payment from my account. Since the buyer has an unverified address with Paypal, I am not covered by the seller protection plan. How ridiculous is that? Obviously the buyer reported the card loss after the transaction. Why I should suffer the loss because insecurity of Paypal? Do Not post the item to any other address apart from the address provided by Paypal.

Case 2:

The buyer is from Sweden. First he sent us offers, several times with ridiculous offers in Euros. We replied him and explained we could not accept his offers. He finally agree of the asking price, and choose buy it now. After purchase, he argued about the price again. He had sent the payment but the payment has not cleared. He later sent us a fake email pretending a payment cleared notification, we double checked our paypal account, and there was no payment. We did forward the email to spoof@ebay.co.uk. We decided to ignore him, and he write to us to threaten us to send him the merchandise before he leave us a negative feedback. We did not act according to his request. Eventually he became unregistered with eBay. Do Not send the item before the payment is cleared.

Case 3:

The buyer is from Italy. He bought a plastic model kit from my eBay shop. The item is only cost GBP12.99, with GBP5 postage and packaging. After payment received, we have sent him the item using Royal Mail airmail small packet. The option does not include a tracking number. After shipping, we informed him the parcel is on the way to him. After a month, he came back to us and telling us the parcel hasn’t arrive yet.When we come to fill in the claim from with Royal Mail, we have realised we did not ask for cash receipt, and it has been a month since posting date.

We explained to him, we can send him a replacement, but he insisted on full refund. We told him we can refund him the item cost (not postage) as we have used it when posting. He ignored our email, and claimed from Paypal straight after. We cannot provide any tracking number as standard Royal Mail post does not come with any tracking number. We had end up losing the battle and Paypal full refunded him. We have contacted our eBay manager, and he told us that tracking number is required according to Paypal’s term and condition.

What I want to say here is if the item is low price, the buyer will not willing to pay additional international signed for cost. When we come to sell something valuable, sometimes we need to consider spending a little extra (International Signed for GBP3.3) to prevent any unnecessary loss in the future. Keep your every single receipt from post office. Ask for it if the staff does not give you one. You will need it when you come to claim for loss.

Case 4:

In April 2007, I have sold a wallet. Before he chose Buy It Now, he sent me several emails asking about return policy, wallet condition, and require collection in person. We replied and explain to him and finally he bought the wallet. We ship the wallet soon after receiving his payment. 2 days later he leave me a feedback, satisfy with the purchase.

After 5 weeks, he came back to us and telling us the wallet is broken, and require repair or exchange. We replied and inform him we are unable to do so as we sold the wallet in perfect condition. He then filed an Item Not as Described Dispute with Paypal. He then accused us to sell him a broken wallet.

We still believe it is not our fault. Once the case is filed, it takes 20 days for us to communicate. If there is no solution, paypal will decide after the communication period. During this period, he emailed us, sent letter in posts, blackmailing us that he will send us to court for this matter. And he even said he should have a lifetime warranty for his purchase.

Eventually, he escalated the case after 20 days. And Paypal closed the case in our favour. I think this is the worst eBay experience we have ever had. The emotional tension is hardly bearable. We believe there is no problem with the merchandise. The buyer has the intention to keep the wallet, while had his payment refunded via paypal.

I had once read an article telling people how to con seller via paypal buyers protection policy. Paypal, you should revise the Buyer protection policy, as there are some not genuine buyers out there.


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