Untrustworthy Ebayers Getting Away With Murder!!!!

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I have been buying & selling on Ebay for a couple of years now, and until recently, I have found this to be fun & rewarding. Up until earlier this summer, I have only had one bad experience, whereby someone bid on an item I was selling and then refused to buy. They advised that someone had stolen their username & password (not for the first time) and bid for the item. I advised them to change their details and was told that they were in the process of doing this. I had to contact Ebay after the time lapse to get my sellers fees returned, which resulted in the fact that I left negative feedback. They left negative feedback for me, because I reported the non-payment. They continued to deal under the same name and are still doing so. Several months later I was contacted by another Ebayer as the same person had done the same thing to him. Coincidence - I think not! I contacted Ebay to ask them to remove the negative feedback from him, as I wasn't at fault. They advised that they couldn't do it unless we both agreed. Since I wasn't at fault, I refused and this has resulted in me losing 100% feedback rating. Where's the justice in that?

I have now had a bad experience with another Ebayer earlier this summer. I bought an item, described as first class condition. The item arrived and was torn, had stains on it and had nail varnish on it as well. As the seller offered a refund policy, I contacted him immediately. He apologised and offered refund on the goods only, as long as I returned the item. I sent it back the next day, just before I went on holiday. I checked ebay whilst I was on holiday and he had left a message to advise that he had received the item and would return my money in due course. Later that week, he resold the item that I had returned. On returning from holiday, the money had not been refunded. Over the next several weeks, he kept promising to return the money. Eventually, I had no alternative but to report to Ebay. Again, I had to wait on the time lapse after getting no response. I was left with no alternative but to report to the Ebay Safety & Trust Team. I also contacted Paypal, but he had managed to string the saga out long enough with promises of a refund, so that I was unable to claim my money back. After several communications with Ebay & PayPal, I have now given up. My only possible way to recover my loss, is to take the matter to a small claims court.

I have now got to the stage where the money is not the important issue. The annoying thing is that this Ebayer is being allowed to trade, and is still offering a refund policy on all his goods. Since my unfortunate situation, he has done the same thing to several other buyers. I would say that this should be classed as false advertising, when he is offering a refund, but then doesn't pay up. I contacted Ebay again regarding this, but unfortunately they don't seem to want to know.

It would be interesting to see how many other decent Ebayers are being conned in this manner and I just wish that it was possible to take some sort of stance against this type of behaviour. It is pretty obvious from the correspondence that I received from Ebay, that they are quite happy to let these things happen. I have had communication, advising that the sellers account is being monitored, but he has had another 3 or 4 negative feedbacks since, and is continuing to trade.

This has now put a dampener on my experience of buying & selling on Ebay, and I am now wary of the whole buying and selling process. For something that used to be fun, I'm afraid that I have been sickened by this recent experience.




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