Up-Grading or replacing faulty motherboard

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Fully tested

The backbone of what I sell are motherboards, and I try to list as many models as possible to give the potential buyer a huge choice either to upgrade or replace an existing system or just to build.

I started selling motherboards because of my experience on ebay, buying items listed as working, when recieved these were dead and the seller would not take some responsibility.

I test all my items to amke sure you have a good transaction, and you'r happy with the product. Many buyers are happy and fair, and i find this refreshing toknow, some are crookes liars and scammer and are out to defraud.

Lack of technical skills to blame

Some try to build or repair thier pc and do not have or process the technical skills to do so, it's easy to plug in a hard drive or slot an i/o card into the mainboard, but can you problem slve or test for faulty units.

I get on average two buyers who purchase each moth complaining that the item brought does not work. I try and gather as much info as possible via email or mns by qualifying them on whta is the cause an effect of thier troubles, many turn out to be jumpers not be set as some boards are set by jumpers not auto detect. but the greater number seems to be the buyer using faulty ancillary items such as memory, Opticle drives hard drives and i/o cards.

If your motherboard fails have you determine why!  faulty psu perhaps or other item caused the failure, of course the board might have just failed.  By not investigating this, any new board used as a replacement will almost certainly fail as well because the cause has not been removed. and therefore when you blow the replacement the fault is not the new item but you, using the same untested faulty parts.

Buyer blames seller out of frustration and ignorance!

I try and ask to find out what the buyers done to help him get his PC running, and i have a 80/90% sucess rate but for some the damage as been done.  buyer blames me for his bad decision and lack of expertise to find the fault before building is PC, and demand moneyback or replacement board.  If you brought a car and drove it at speeds or ignore certain road conditions,did not maintain the car or drove at excess speeds and crash it, do you take it back to the dealer and blame him or do you except responsibilty. this is a my pint  you make the mistake you should except responsibilty and not blame me.

I Test All My Items! toroid buyer blaming or accusing me of selling him a faulty unit! of course some are just scammers buying identical items then claiming it's faulty, asking for a refund or another item, also BE-AWARE, they always find an excuse why it's not worth returning the so called faulty item!

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