Up dated guide to RC models in the UK

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Since my last guide there has been an important development in the RC modelling field.

The new frequency of 2.4ghz (gigahertz) has been legalised and is taking the hobby by storm. This is immune from interference, has some other safety features, and has smaller receivers than any other systems. However there are some pitfalls, the main one being that only the receivers from the same manufacturer will work with the transmitters. However some of them are supplying modeules to convert transmitters but you will still need new receivers. Spektrum were the first in the UK and have some unique features, they are linked to JR so both are compatible. Others have different coding systems so be careful when buying. The good news is that 2.4ghz can be used with boats and land vehicles as well as aircraft, and you should be aware that some outfits have shorter range for park flyers and indoor models, so again take care, read the instructions!!


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