Update and reply from mspa ORPC China

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This is the reply I just got from Mspa HQ (ORPC Shanghai, China)

Hi ****

We fully  understood your concern about the so-called electrical shock from Mspa.

But please rest assured that in all cases, the RCD plug will trip out in 0.15second when it detects electric current up to 30mA in the water. People may still feel kind of electric shock when the RCD plug is working. But there won't be any dange to human life. The product itself is tested and certified by ITS to ensure that it is a safe product. So far, Mspa has gone through almost a decade, there is no case that causes hurt on any customers.

The RCD trip-out may be caused by the damage to the heater or transformer during transit or hard water.

To solve your problem, if you like, we would replace a whole control box for you. As the same with last time, the control box shall be free of charge and the shipping fee shall be at your cost.


Needless to say I am furious with this nonchalant and frankly quite rude reply, which I must admit, I had not expected!

...more to follow....

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