Upgrade your computer

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Lets go and think about being green when it comes to our computers.

We buy all these computers and when they get old ( after about 3 years! or sooner ) we think about just replacing the pc without any regard for all the data that you have put on it over those years. We also think that " its getting slow, get something faster" but do you ever consider the options fully?? NO

The options to upgrade the innards are more appropriate.

See my ebay pages for value for money upgrade kits to install a new motherboard with processor,memory and cooling fan. This gets you instant speed and capability, and retains your existing files,priceless picture collection which I bet you have not stored to a cd yet ?? AND it means you don't have the costly expense of buying a new pc or giving your hard drive contents to third world countries to access the information on the drive to use for immorral or illegal purposes. For between £90 and £150 you could install one of my upgrade kits, it will take you under an hour to do. Anyone can do this, just be practical and follow my included detailed instructions. Unless you have hands like shovels or fingers like railway sleepers it is dead easy.

Ask me ? ring me on 07926-106150 for free advice on what i can provide for your computer. Full compatability service given and telephone help after the upgrade just in case you run into difficulties. 

Supply and fit service? if you are in the Surrey/Middx/Berks/Bucks area, contact me for futher info.


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