Use The eBay eMail System Instead Of Personal Email

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This may seem like a common sense guide, but there are still buyers who have a problem and reply back on someones personal email. They then get really agitated when they don't get a reply back. One of the main problems for this is the spam folder.

Spam Folder For Buyers

Spam folders are great tools. They filter out all of those unwanted emails so we don't even have to see them. One of the main problems with spam folders is the fact that they also filter out genuine emails from genuine people. I've lost count the amount of times I've gone through my spam foand found emails from distressed buyers who are now very angry since I haven't replied back to a simple question.

Obviously it's impossible to do this if you haven't already purchased them item. I'm talking about when you've purchased the item and need either clarification or help with the item you've just purchased.

Spam Folder For Sellers

On the other side of the fence, my advice to sellers is to reguarly check your spam folders since there will always be genuine emails there that end up there by mistake. By finding these wanted emails and replying back to them should increase your customer service score and keep your customers happy.

Good luck!

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