Use of Library Pictures

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Many Ebay sellers are using library pictures. Under the Trades Desciption Acts UK, the Mis-selling of Goods Acts UK and the appropriate Consumer Protection Acts, what you see is what the seller has to sell you. If it is a library picture and you win the Item and they send you the selling item (not library version) you are entitled for the library version which is nearly always brand new versions, or for your money back  if you are not satisfied.

Ebay sellers must disclose that the pictures are either library pictures or pictures of the real item. If they dont put any dislaimers or highlights in they are breaking the law. The same goes if they put in links to websites for that particular item, a disclaimer must be put in.

Many Ebayers are ok but I have noticed an increase in virtual rogue traders which is spoiling it for the genuine sellers.

This information I obtained last week, from my solicitor when I asked the questions, as I am dissatisfied with one Ebayer who is forever fobbing me off and trying to palm me off with old junk to sweeten me up.

I have brought this to the attention of Ebay.

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