Use the force Luke - Exiled force!

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By Sachin Mehta

Exiled Force

LOD-023   (Limit 2)      


ATK 1000         DEF 1000

[ Warrior / Effect ]

Offer face-up this card on your side of the field as a Tribute to destroy 1 monster on the field. If this card is used for a Tribute Summon or this card is offered as a Tribute due to other cards' effects, this card's effect is not activated.


Casual: 4.5
Tournament: 5
Visual: 4
Overall: 4.7


Exiled Force. Here is in my view, the most staple card in the game. Why you may ask. Well, that is simple, because he has the sweetest effect you could ask for from a common. You tribute him (not for tribute summon) but he never goes down alone; you can take down any monster on the field with him!! BLS, never afraid of a monster… goodbye. Jinzo, the trap defeater… goodbye. Even Torrential Tribute which clears the whole field when a monster is summoned… you’re not fast enough for Exiled Force. That’s right; you can activate Exiled Force’s effect even when your opponent activates T.T. or Book of Moon etc!!!!!!

Ask any duelist that is e.g. Igor (we all know him) what cards he keeps in his deck all of the time and one of the first ones he mention will be Exiled Force no doubt.

Still don’t believe Exiled is good?? Well then, just think how easy he is to summon:

Reinforcement of the army (In most decks but not mine), Giant Rat, Marauding Captain, Sangan and of course… heart of the cards!! J

I’ll tell you now, if you haven’t got 1 Exiled Force at least in your deck at the moment, don’t get your hopes up of winning the next tournament because in today’s game with Stein, Twin, Chimeratech etc. taking over, OTK can’t easily be stopped…



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