Used Bar Accessories Buying Guide

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Used Bar Accessories Buying Guide

A drinks bar can create a fantastic focal point in a home, and is an ideal place to entertain guests when they visit. Just as there are many different styles of bar available, from traditional to contemporary, there are a wide range of used bar accessories available, which can help to improve the authenticity of the bar, and complete the bar atmosphere that the home owner is trying to create. Potential buyers can find a wealth of used bar accessories on the online auction site, eBay. In order to successfully purchase used bar accessories from eBay, buyers should fully research the products that may suit their needs, before using some of the site's helpful additional functions to help them choose the items they would like to purchase, and buy them for the right price.

About Bar Accessories

The category Bar Accessories on eBay covers a wide range of products, from furniture, to bar equipment, to decorative items. Not all of the accessories are essential for every bar, although people may find that the more accessories they buy, the more authentic their bar looks.

Bar Furniture

A key item of bar furniture, which most bars would benefit from, is bar stools. These come in countless varieties, from traditional wooden models just like the ones that can be found in traditional public houses, to shiny breakfast bar stools, to designer stools with leather cushioning or designer adornments. Individuals can choose a variety of stool to match the colour scheme and style of the room. Some stools are fixed in place, and others can be taken apart or folded down so that they can be put away while not in use. Many home bar owners also consider purchasing cabinets to store their drinks and bar equipment. Again, there is a great variety available, from traditional wooden globe or cabinet models, to modern glass and aluminium cabinets with recessed lights. Some cabinets may be free standing, and others may be wall mounted. When considering which cabinet to purchase, buyers must ensure they consider the space they have available, and how much equipment they will need to store.

Bar Equipment

This category is very diverse, and includes larger traditional bar equipment such as optic bottle holders, as well as smaller items such as cocktail shakers.

Larger Items of Bar Equipment

Bar owners may choose to purchase large bar equipment items, such as optic bottle holders and ale pumps. Those aiming to achieve a completely authentic and fully functioning bar at home could consider a complete mobile bar equipment set up, which includes taps, chillers, gas control, flow restricters, fob detectors, beer connectors, and changeable name plates for popular beers and lagers.

Smaller Bar Equipment Items

Smaller items are generally less expensive and can still help to create an authentic bar atmosphere. Buyers may consider buying cocktail shakers, ice buckets, straw dispensers, spirit measure thimbles, and bottle openers. They may also be interested in purchasing utensils such as stainless steel ice tongs, skewers for lemon, and a whisk for creating frothy cocktails.

Decorative Bar Accessories

Items belonging to the decorative bar accessories category are generally the least expensive, but often some of the most useful items in helping a home owner to achieve the home bar atmosphere they are seeking. Bar owners can choose from fun accessories such as character shot glasses and coasters, cocktail parasols, character corkscrews and bottle stoppers, and colourful stirrers. It is also possible to buy shaped ice cube trays that can help to increase entertainment.

Choosing Used Bar Accessories

The key to choosing used bar accessories is to consider budget, space, and style. Consider how much is available to spend, whether there is space for all of the accessories desired, and the bar style which will be created. All three factors are equally as important and should be considered thoroughly before buyers committing to a purchase.

Considering Budget When Buying Used Bar Accessories

One of the most important considerations to be taken into account when planning to buy bar accessories is the budget. It is important not to make quick decisions and purchase expensive items that are not really needed, as this could make buying essential bar items needed to complete the bar later on impossible. It is a good idea to make a list of all the different bar accessory categories before buying anything, researching each specific item which is required on eBay, before noting down an approximate price and working out if there is sufficient budget to cover each item. Buyers can then choose to cut down the list if they need to later, before committing to purchase.

Considering Space When Buying Used Bar Accessories

Another key consideration that buyers must make is space. Although they may want to purchase a number of large items to give their bar an authentic and impressive feel, the space may simply not be available, and this could lead to less enjoyment of the bar later if maintaining it becomes a chore. Many accessories such as bar stools offer space saving alternatives – for example, foldaway or collapsible varieties, which can then be stored away when they are not in use. Bar owners may also choose to buy space saving storage units which fit under the bar itself, reducing the amount of space needed for storage. Some items such as stools may double up as useful kitchen accessories, so they can be moved around the home and used in a number of different places. Similarly, buyers must make sure that they do not over clutter the bar, as this could actually lead to the bar feeling less authentic. A small variety of decorative accessories including coasters, stirrers and a straw dispenser can have just as much impact as a bar which is packed with every type of accessory available, especially if the accessories are matched to a central theme.

Considering Style When Buying Used Bar Accessories

Style is often one of the first things that buyers consider when choosing bar accessories, and is usually what has drawn them to a particular item in the first place. Buyers may be seeking to achieve a traditional bar style, or a more contemporary theme. Research is key in successfully achieving a well styled bar – with some thought, buyers can find a good range of bar accessories which match and complement each other, and come together to create a perfect style. For example, more modern bars may be achieved by buying a few stainless steel and leather stools, stainless steel optics and bar utensils, and modern decorative accessories such as neon stirrers and straws. On the other hand, more traditional bars might be achieved by buying traditional wooden pub stools, wooden shelves for bottles, and traditional decorative accessories such as cocktail umbrellas and standard pint glasses.

Finding Used Bar Accessories on eBay

The eBay site makes researching and finding different bar accessories very easy. Buyers can quickly type 'used bar accessories' in the search box to produce a list of different items available. If they wish to narrow down the list, they can click on one of the categories down the left hand side of the page, for example, Cookware, Dining, and Bar, which will then only display items from that category. Buyers can then click on the link to the individual item, and place a bid, or buy it now if there is a buy it now option. Another option to narrow down the search is to type in a more specific phrase, such as 'used bar stools'. Alternatively, bar accessories can be found from the homepage by selecting all categories in the list on the left hand side of the page, followed by Home, Furniture & DIY, followed by Cooking & Kitchen Fittings. If buyers specifically wish to purchase used items, they can tick the box on the left hand menu, and only used items will be displayed.


Choosing used bar accessories depends on a number of factors, including style, budget and space. Buyers should be sure to fully research all the products available before they commit to purchase – this can be done quickly and easily using a site such as eBay. This will allow them to find used bar accessories which help them to create the bar atmosphere they are aiming to achieve, from traditional pub style to a fresh modern feel, for a reasonable price.

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