Used Bluetooth Headsets Buying Guide

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Used Bluetooth Headsets Buying Guide

Bluetooth headsets are a means of connecting wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled devices. For serious video game players, wireless headsets provide the flexibility of unencumbered movement and eliminate the need to worry about tripping over the wire or accidentally pulling it loose. Bluetooth headsets connect to the game console, if the system has Bluetooth capabilities, or to a transmitter that normally plugs into a USB port on the game device. Bluetooth provides a solid connection with good range for video games, and usually minimal interference.

Headsets come in a variety of different styles and designs, including the hang-on-the-ear miniature devices similar to Bluetooth cell phone hands-free devices. More conventional ear covering styles are also available, with either single-ear pieces that rest on the outside of the ear or double-ear designs with closeout ear cups. One can purchase used Bluetooth headsets from garage sales, secondhand stores, and electronic recyclers; some video game outlets sell used Bluetooth headsets as well. Sellers on eBay also offer a good selection of used Bluetooth headsets for sale on the eBay online marketplace.

Differences between Bluetooth and Standard Wireless

One of the biggest differences between Bluetooth headsets and standard wireless headsets is that when using a Bluetooth-enabled gaming system there is no need for a transmitter/receiver over which the audio signal is exchanged. Standard wireless headset use either a radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) beams to transmit the audio signals.

Battery Life

Bluetooth headsets tend to have a battery life in the range of 8 to 10 hours depending on the components used. Both RF and IR headsets can transmit for 20 to 24 hours, again depending on design. For most users, either range is adequate; additionally, while recharging times vary, most Bluetooth devices recharge relatively quickly. Used headsets may have experienced some battery degradation, thus buyers are advised to inquire of the seller about current battery life.

Reception Range

RF headsets provide the longest range and work well up to distances of 100 metres; Bluetooth and IR headsets have an optimal range out to 10 metres. But, given the fact that gaming headsets are used within relatively close range to a television set and game console, reception range is well within easy sight range.


Generally Bluetooth headsets that offer full-ear cover designs are bulkier than comparable RF or IR units. The bulkier design does not offer added protection for internal components, however, and Bluetooth devices are usually not as shock-proof as other models. With proper care, the life expectancy of Bluetooth, IR, or RF is similar. Rechargeable Bluetooth batteries generally provide longer life or more cycles than the rechargeables in IR and RF units.

Sound Quality

Superior sound quality is more a product of the components used in the construction of the headset than of the method in which the audio signal is transmitted. However, all things being relatively equal, most people would grade the sound quality of IR and RF as superior to Bluetooth. However, the same individuals are likely to grade a wired headset as having better audio characteristics than comparable wireless model.

The following chart provides a basic reference for the differences between Bluetooth, IR, and RF headsets. The various factors listed are some of the more common comparison points for the different technologies.

Performance Factor



Radio Frequency

Signal Band

2.4 GHz

2.3 or 2.8 MHz

2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz

Battery Life

10 hours

20 hours

20 hours

Interference Potential



Moderate to Low

Reception Range

10 metres

10 metres

10 to 100 metres

Surround Sound




Dual-band RF headsets give the option of switching bands when 2.4 GHz interference is an issue. The extended range of RF headsets is not necessarily an advantage unless being used for something in addition to video gaming. Surround sound specifications vary between manufacturers.

Different Styles of Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

Wireless Bluetooth headsets are available in a number of different styles based on the varying preferences of the users. The different styles have advantages and disadvantages that buyers may wish to consider when making a purchase decision.

Hang-on-the-Ear Style Headsets

Bluetooth headsets that have a loop to go around the outside of the ear and a speaker that rests against the outer ear are popular cell phone hands-free devices. This same technology has been incorporated into gaming headsets. The microphone is incorporated into the earpiece and most come with noise-cancelling technology; however, there is still the potential for ambient noise interference. For users already accustomed to the design from cell phone usage, this is a preferred style. Some models come with a sturdier ear band and provide a short boom microphone; these models tend to be a little heavier and, for some users, are not as comfortable as the lightweight design. Another advantage of this style is that it allows a free ear to listen for important non-game sounds.

Single-Ear Cover Headband-Style Headsets

Similar in design to the type of headset used by receptionists to provide hands-free telephone usage, the headset has a headband with a padded earpiece on one side that rests on the outside of the ear. On the opposite side of the headband is a padded clip that rests against the head to secure the device in place. The band itself is generally thin and very lightweight. A boom microphone is attached to the earpiece and can be rotated to the mouth or away. The insulated microphone is much less susceptible to ambient noise, a free ear is still available, and, due to the light weight, the headband is considered comfortable. Headbands are adjustable for different-sized heads.

Double-Ear Cover Style Headsets

Much like the single-ear cover design but with earpieces for both sides of the head, these ear covers are usually constructed out of foam pads that do not close off the ear and can still permit loud out-of-game noises to be heard. The second earpiece adds very little weight and helps to retain the comfort level of the headset. The connecting headband is adjustable and can be composed of thin metal or padded plastic. Boom microphones are also standard on double-ear cover headsets.

Full Ear Enclosure Headphones

Generally the most expensive style of gaming headsets, and also the design usually loaded with the most features, full ear cups are usually foam padded and covered with cloth or leather for added comfort. The ear cups completely surround the ear so no outside ambient noise enters; this design is almost exclusively the style used in surround sound headphones for their ability to completely immerse the player in the sound action of the game. Bulkier and heavier than the ear cover style, these headsets take some getting used to. Designers use different headband styles and padding to add additional comfort to full ear closeout headphones. With the addition of more electronics, the headset can offer programmable features. While boom microphones are common on these headphones, some models offer retractable microphones. Certain manufacturers provide connections that can be used for gaming as well as for listening to conventional stereo music equipment.

Buying Bluetooth Headsets on eBay

Shopping eBay's online marketplace for Bluetooth headsets is easy and convenient, with sellers offering both new and used headsets in multiple brands. For busy consumers looking to save time and avoid the hassle of searching from store to store for just the product they are looking for, eBay is the perfect solution. Search seller listing by entering keywords such as 'Bluetooth headset' into any eBay search bar. You can also narrow the search selection by using specific keywords such as 'PS3 Bluetooth headset'; this will display only units that are compatible with the PlayStation 3 gaming system.

Review seller feedback ratings and buy with confidence from a seller who has earned the trust and satisfaction of previous buyers. After selecting just the product that meets your needs and deciding on the seller from you are going to purchase, complete the transaction on eBay using PayPal. Both buyers and sellers appreciate the safety and security of PayPal for transferring funds online. Finally, have your purchase shipped directly to your door. The entire shopping experience can be complete from the comfort of your easy chair with a few mouse clicks.


Bluetooth connectivity offers a quick and easy method of wireless communication. For gamers with Bluetooth-compatible gaming systems, Bluetooth technology offers a relatively easy means of making a wireless connection. The ability to talk to fellow game participants is either a fun activity or a critical component to effective game play, depending on the design characteristics of the specific game activity. Serious gamers appreciate the value of a surround sound headphone, which places them in the centre of the competition and enables them to hear every critical sound while maintaining contact with team members. Casual gamers who just want to chat during an online session may find a comfortable clip-on Bluetooth device the perfect game accessory.

Buyers can study the advantages and disadvantages of the different Bluetooth headsets on the market and make a decision on the model that best suits their individual needs. Buyers of used Bluetooth headsets can often save a great deal in comparison to the price of new units. Making an informed buying decision means getting the best value for the money invested in a Bluetooth gaming headset.

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