Used Gaming Headsets Buying Guide

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Used Gaming Headsets Buying Guide

Modern games depend more and more on sound within the game. When a gamer is playing a first-person shooter game and is notified that someone is approaching behind him or her due to a creaking board, that is sound being used to add to the gameplay. As games become increasingly dependent on sound quality, a gamer needs to re-examine the audio setup. One choice is to purchase a loud set of speakers, but family members in the house and neighbours are not likely to appreciate those late-night gaming sessions. Another option is to purchase a headset that comes with both speakers and a microphone from a local store or from an online website like eBay..

A headset allows the gamer to listen to the game as loud as he or she wants, provided the model allows for high-quality sound. Since new headsets are often very expensive, buying a pair of used headsets is a smart option for a buyer who has a tight budget set for gaming accessories. When it comes to a used headset, the buyers should always pay attention to the condition, quality, and shape of the headset, as well the the basic features that he or she might be interested in.

Good Headset Basics

Listening is the easiest way for a consumer to tell if a pair of headsets is good or not. However, if shopping online, it is not possible to test the headsets before purchasing them. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy from a seller who has a solid return policy which allows the consumer to return a product if he or she feels unsatisfied with it. Other than this crucial point, there are several features that define a good headset. While these features do not make a perfect headset, they do produce models that are above average when it comes to sound quality.

Positional Audio

Modern video games are immersive. They use vast 3D environments that the gamer explores at his or her leisure. While many focus on the graphics of the game, it is worth mentioning that sound has also improved. Many video games make use of the same positional audio technology used in movies. For example, when a door opens, the sound either comes from the left or the right side. When someone speaks from behind, the back speakers emit the noise. This surround sound technology is designed to envelop the gamer in a complete sound experience.

The question when it comes to headsets is how well the surround sound translates into in a set of headphones. After all, a full surround sound system can use over eight different speakers while a headset only uses two. Without getting too technical, companies that sell surround sound headphones achieve the effect by making the sound pass through several loopholes in the headphone speaker. If it works, the gamer gets the same surround sound experience that he or she would get in a room full of speakers. If it does not work, however, the sound comes out muffled and distorted.

Surround Sound vs. Stereo

The truth is that the quality of surround sound headsets varies widely between different models. Those who do get it right usually come at a premium price, and even buying a used set can set the buyer back. It is also somewhat of a gamble to purchase used surround sound headsets online since the consumer cannot try them on first. For this reason, stereo is a viable option.

It is true that with stereo headphones the gamer does not get the same experience. Left and right sounds still come from the correct direction, but there is no way to measure noises that come from behind. However, if the gamer overlooks this defect, he or she can nab a stereo headset that is guaranteed to have accurate sound at a stunningly affordable price. This is doubly true when purchasing used headsets.

Sound Frequency

Another sound-related feature to consider is the frequency. Sound is divided into three main frequencies: treble, mid, and bass. Mid range frequency is at the same range as the human voice. Treble frequency is used for high audio, such as when a glass is tapped or a trumpet sounds. Bass frequency occurs below the mid range and is often found in deep rumbling explosions. A good pair of speakers in the headset should focus on the mid range, but also be able to pick up some frequencies in the bass and treble area. Some gamers who like to listen to explosions may want to select a headset that goes a little lower on the bass side.

Headset Design

There are two main components when it comes to selecting a headset: the ear speakers and the mouthpiece. A comfortable headset is a breeze to wear during long gaming sessions. An uncomfortable one is quickly discarded.

Headphone Design

When it comes to gaming headphones, a buyer should look for a model that blocks outside noise while fitting comfortably around the ears. In-ear headphones are popular for short walks or while listening to music on the bus ride home, but they are not comfortable for long periods of time. Furthermore, they do little to block outside noise. Large headphones that cup the ear are a better choice for both comfort and sound quality. They look similar to the models worn by professional DJs. Large headphones can also be expensive, but a good used model can be found at an affordable price.

Microphone Design

When the buyer examines the microphone, the first point is to make sure it is adjustable. Not everyone's face is the same shape, and if the microphone cannot move then a consumer can find himself or herself trying to game with a microphone against the nose. The second point is to examine the design itself. The microphone head should be protected so that it is not easily damaged. If the sensitive inner parts do get broken, then the microphone produces a scratching noise that irritates both the gamer and anyone who is listening to the conversation.

How to Buy Used Gaming Headsets on eBay

eBay is full of video game accessories as well as speaker accessories. A consumer gets the best of both worlds in a gaming headset. Furthermore, eBay has an extremely large collection of used merchandise which can fit into any buyer's budget. If you want the best deals, then you need to know how to search using eBay's search engine.

Start off by typing "video game headset&" into the search engine box to list all results. Both new and used items are listed, and since you do not want new headsets, then you need to limit your terms. A search for "used video game headsets&" only returns models that were previously owned. Now that you are in the right area, start searching for a particular model or design. You can even search for headsets made to work with certain consoles by typing "Xbox 360 used headsets&" into the search box. Take your time until you find the perfect headset at the right price.

Item Condition

Buying a used headset online is always a bit of a gamble. However, a smart consumer follows several tips to reduce the chances of getting a lemon and instead ending up with a golden piece of audio equipment. The first point is to carefully examine the item's listing page. If it is a used headset, then the seller needs to include an actual picture of the item. If no picture is available, ask the seller for one.

The second point is to check the background of the seller by studying his or her feedback. A seller who consistently sells products which are accurately described always has good feedback. Items that are in good condition should be able to work, but there might be some minor design flaws or reduced sound quality.


As video games get more intense, a gamer needs every advantage he or she can get on opponents, whether the opponent is the game itself or a fellow gamer playing in the same room. A headset allows the gamer to listen closely to every sound that emerges from the game. Buying a used headset is a wonderful way to save money on an item that tends to be expensive when new. However, there are several features that buyer must look out for when shopping for used a headset online or using a website like eBay.

First, a consumer must study the technical specifications of the headset to ensure that it meets his or her listening requirements. Secondly, headset speaker and microphone design must be comfortable since the gamer is going to be wearing it for hours on end. Finally, the headset must also be in good condition and accurately listed, otherwise it is just a waste of money. The consumer who follows all of these tips is likely to end up purchasing a used headset that works just as well as a brand new model. Then the gaming experience can be as enhanced as desired.

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