Used Hatchback Buying Guide

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Used Hatchback Buying Guide

A hatchback is a good option for consumers who need more space than a regular car, but do not want to drive a sport utility vehicle or a minivan. A hatchback is built like a standard car, but instead of a boot in the back, it has a hatch opening that provides extra space.

Many companies make a hatchback model, such as Ford and Nissan. Hatchbacks are sporty and stylish, and come with many features and in many different colours. It is a great option for a family car without having to purchase a very large vehicle, and many hatchbacks can seat between five and seven people comfortably.

Buying a used hatchback means that consumers get a car for a more affordable price than buying a new hatchback, but when buyers are shopping for a used hatchback on eBay, there are some factors to keep in mind in order for consumers to get the best deal on the exact type of hatchback they want. Things they need to keep in mind include the make and model, year, and whether they want an automatic or a standard, among other things.

Hatchback Make and Model

When a buyer is looking for a used hatchback, there are many brands to choose from. There are a few brands that are more well-known for their hatchbacks than others. Buyers should choose a car make depending on what style or type of hatchback they want, unless there is a brand loyalty.


Ford hatchbacks come in several different model styles. The popular Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, and the Ford Mondeo are the main hatchback models that buyers are likely to see when looking at the Ford hatchback options. The Focus and the Fiesta models are in demand, due to the fact that both hatchbacks are stylish, compact, get great gas mileage, and are quite affordable despite being loaded with features.


Volkswagen is an affordable carmaker that offers the Golf and Polo hatchback styles, which are their two most popular models. The Volkswagen Golf is a high-quality hatchback that offers consumers one of the most acclaimed Volkswagen designs. It is compact and affordable but offers luxurious interiors and spot-on detailing. The VW Polo is a bit sportier, and offers a more exciting driving experience along with the quality that Volkswagen fans love.


The Nissan Primera, Micra, Qashqai, and Note are a few of the options that consumers are likely to see when they are shopping for a used Nissan hatchback. The hatchbacks vary greatly in design, with the Micra a bit more sleek, and the style of the Qashqai mimicking an SUV type of vehicle and which is a bit larger. The Micra is the smallest Nissan hatchback, and the Note is a bit larger. The Nissan Juke offers a unique shape and style all its own. This vehicle is called a crossover, and it is a hatchback that offers the versatility of a sports car. Nissan hatchbacks have won safety awards and are known for their powerful engines.

Vauxhall and Opel

Vauxhall and Opel hatchbacks include a range of choices, including the Insignia, Astra, and Corsa models. The Astra is a more compact choice but still offers the space of a hatchback, while the Insignia is seen as more of a family car that offers a bit more room. The design of the Corsa is rounded, and the two-door model is small and stylish. Colours range from silver, blue, and white to black or red.

Hatchback Year

When consumers are buying a used hatchback, it is important to decide which year of car is desired. Newer models have more advanced features such as USB plugs for an MP3 player and Bluetooth capability, but they also cost more than older models of hatchbacks. For buyers on a budget, an older car that has been taken care of is a good choice, especially if reliability and affordability are more important than fancy features.

Hatchback Features

Some of the features that buyers may be interested in when purchasing a used hatchback include power doors and windows, a digital display, a rear spoiler, adjustable headrests, and a CD player. Older models may not have updated features, but should still have features like cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and possibly a built-in car alarm. Consumers should purchase a used hatchback that includes the most important features for safety and enjoyable driving, including heat and air conditioning, power steering, and air bags.

Other features that may not be relevant to safety but could make driving a used hatchback more pleasurable include cup holders, leather interiors, and a remote that allows consumers to unlock and lock the doors from a distance. Some newer cars even offer remote systems for the stereo and rear speakers so passengers in the backseat can enjoy music too.

Other Options

Once buyers have decided what type of car make and model they would like to purchase, there are a couple of other important decisions to make. Buyers have to select a transmission type as well as a fuel type when shopping for a used hatchback.

Standard or Automatic

When consumers are purchasing a used hatchback, not only do they have to select a make and model of car along with a year, they must also decide between a standard transmission or an automatic transmission. For buyers who do not already have a preference, there are a few things to consider.

There is not much of a difference in standard and automatic transmission, save for the fact that buyers need to know the ins and outs of comfortably driving a standard before purchasing one, since it requires different skills. Cars that are standard, also called manual transmission, may be less expensive than automatic transmission hatchbacks, but learning to drive one can be frustrating.

Petrol or Diesel

For consumers who are watching every dollar, a petrol car is a more affordable option than a diesel model overall. For consumers who are more concerned about energy efficiency and living a greener existence, diesel puts less fumes into the environment. There are benefits and drawbacks to diesel and petrol, so once buyers weigh the options, they can choose which type of car is right for their needs and budget.

Selecting a Used Hatchback

Buyers should take the proper steps when selecting a used hatchback to ensure they are getting the best deal from a reputable seller. A car is a big investment, and consumers want to ensure they are getting the best deal for their cash.

Pick the Make

Pick the Model

Research the Seller

Ask Questions

Buyers should decide on a car make, such as Honda, Ford, or Citroen

Models range from small and compact to large and sporty

Buyers should check the seller's percentage rating, if available

Buyers need to create a checklist of questions including the car's history, such as accidents and maintenance

Buyers can shop by car year to find a good make

The model should reflect buyers' needs and budget

The number of transactions a seller has completed is important

Consumers need to see many images of the inside and outside of the vehicle

Consumers can pick a make by transmission type

Each maker has several hatchback models which offer various features

Buyers need to read the seller's feedback comments from past buyers, if available

Buyers should feel comfortable asking any questions they have about the car before purchasing

Once buyers have evaluated the vehicles and the sellers, it should be easier to select the right used hatchback. Purchasing from an honest, communicative seller is a good way to get a used car for a good deal.

How to Buy a Used Hatchback on eBay

If you want a good deal on a reliable vehicle, then shopping on eBay for a used hatchback is a good choice. However, you must shop carefully in order to have a satisfying buying experience. Go to the eBay home page or any internal page and type "used hatchbacks" to see the selection. Then pick a make such as Ford or Nissan, and from there pick a model. After choosing the make and model, you can select a model year, fuel type, and transmission style to narrow down your options even further.

Read the listings carefully and check all the images. Talk to the seller and ask if the car has been in any accidents. Find out what its ownership history has been, to get an idea of what the car's past has been like, which may give you some clues to its future reliability.

See how many miles the car has on it, as you generally want a car with the lowest mileage available in your price range to ensure it lasts for a long time. Find out if the car has rips, tears, dents, or any damage, and assess it. Consider shopping from a nearby seller so you can check out the hatchback in person and avoid the hassle of shipping a car. Read the seller's feedback before purchasing and ensure you are dealing with a Top-rated seller who has excellent feedback comments and ratings.


A hatchback is like the perfect combination of a sporty, cool car with the storage of a larger SUV or minivan, but without the added bulk. A used hatchback is a good option for buyers who do not have the money to purchase a brand new car, but still need a reliable vehicle. There are many choices and many makes of hatchbacks on eBay for low prices. Hatchbacks vary in size from large and imposing to small and compact, with rounded curves or squared off styles. There is a hatchback to fit every personality, whether buyers love the look of a smaller car that is a light colour or a dark blue, or a black hatchback that is a little larger.

Hatchbacks are fun to drive and the hatch is useful for everything from kids' sporting goods to groceries and luggage when consumers are travelling. The car is ergonomic, simple, and pleasurable to drive. It offers all the same features as other types of cars but with added space for storage. Many hatchback styles have received high ratings for safety and reliability, so for consumers who find the right hatchback, it could serve them well for many years to come, as long as it is maintained properly and taken care of.

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