Used Performance Brake Parts Buying Guide

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Used Performance Brake Parts Buying Guide

Brake parts are important pieces of equipment for any vehicle, and using performance brake parts is a great way to get more satisfaction out of the overall performance that is expected from them. A brake is made up of various components and when it comes to changing due to being worn or even for the purposes of upgrading a vehicle, it is important to know what to look for.

Equally important is knowing the benefits of buying performance brakes. Not only do brakes of this calibre offer improved performance and reliability, but they also are classified by different categories as well. There are brakes to suit almost any need when it comes to high performance parts, and often, these parts are used for high speed sports, such as racing. Used performance brake parts can be located at auto salvage yards and online on eBay. Knowing what the various brake components are, as well as being able to understand the benefits and categories of this type of brake is useful when choosing the right one for a vehicle.

Overview of High Performance Brakes

When many people think about what is essential on a vehicle used for the purposes of racing endeavours, two of the first things that often come to mind are speed and power. While it is true that speed and power is essential is for a vehicle in the sport of racing, there would not be much left of the vehicle when it comes time to stop it without the brakes.

Used high performance brake parts are often used by people who are thrill seekers, whether it is racing a car or a motorcycle that delivers that thrill for them. Having good used performance brakes are especially crucial to the safety of the driver, the vehicle, and any onlookers nearby.

There are three main brake components that are considered to be high performance ones and include brake pads, discs, and calipers. It is helpful to have some background on these items before choosing a high performance model in order to best suit the needs of the owner and the equipment it is being placed on.

Brake Pads

Used high performance brake pads are important pieces of equipment that offer the owner value in the benefits that they are able to deliver as well as value in terms of price. The function of brake pads is not only meant to assist a vehicle in stopping but also assist the vehicle in manoeuvring around turns as well.

One of the benefits that this type of brake offers is the benefit of dispelling heat. Without the ability to reduce the heat, brake fade occurs which directly affects the ability of the vehicle to stop. Since most brake pads designed for high performance are constructed from carbon fibre or ceramic compounds, they are very pricey. Buying used brake pads that are not worn down excessively can be a great option for professional drivers or anyone else who wished to use this component.


The brake discs on a vehicle are joined to a wheel or axle and sometimes both. They are important to a vehicle owner who seeks high performance because of the fact that this component is the main one responsible for stopping or reducing speed. When friction from the calipers pushes the brake disc against the brake pad, friction is created, which in turns reduces and stops the speed of the vehicle. The disc is typically constructed from cast iron but also can be constructed from other materials, such as ceramic matrix compounds.


In vehicles without antilock brake systems (ABS), every time a driver steps on the brake pedal it causes brake fluid to be transported from the brake master cylinder and transfers it to the brake proportional valve by the way of hydraulic pressure. The transfer of brake fluid is different in vehicles that are equipped with ABS in that the fluid is transferred when the brake pedal is applied but instead of it travelling the same path, the fluid goes to the hydraulic control unit of the ABS system.

One common problem with replacing calipers is knowing whether they have actually gone bad as they could just be dirty and need cleaning. Many times if the lubricant is no longer present around the caliper, it causes the caliper to stick. This problem often has a simple solution that requires a thoroughly cleansing of the calipers and all of the parts that move while using a good brake cleaner. Lubricant should then be replaced where necessary.

Performance Brake Options

Each of the various high performance brake parts can be purchased in a variety of conditions. One of the major drawbacks to buying any type of high performance part is the price so many people again opt to buy a part that has been gently used. Knowing what to look for when viewing various parts for high performance vehicles can get a person what they need at a price that they can afford.

Individual Brake Parts

Racing, whether done as a hobby or done professionally, often requires the use of high performance brake parts because of the heavier duty quality of the individual parts over standard brake parts used in everyday vehicles. Some people already have a high performance brake system installed on their vehicle and need to maybe just replace a part or two. Buying an individual used item is an affordable way to get the necessary part while saving money at the same time.

Used brakes can come with their own headaches if one is not careful in their selection. Since high performance brake parts can receive a lot of stress due to the very nature of their function, it is important to inspect the part for excessive wear and tear. Brakes are an essential piece of safety equipment that cannot be compromised upon when it comes to putting them on any vehicle; however, this is especially true of vehicles that are used for racing because of the high velocity at which they travel. If a person has any doubts about the safety of the part, it is best to consider other options available. There are other parts associated with a brake system that are listed in the table below.


Notable Characteristics

Brake Cables

Cable attached to emergency brake to keep vehicle stationary

Brake Shoes

Double sheets of metal welded together; V shaped, primary and secondary shoes

ABS Components

Parts for Anti-lock Braking System meant to keep brakes from locking up

Slave Cylinders

Controlled by the master cylinder; found at end of hydraulic system

Brake Drums

Uses friction from brake shoes and rotates with axle and wheel; resistant to wear

Depending on the type of brakes used by a vehicle, the components for a brake system includes more or different parts. This list is an example of other components and is not meant to represent an entire braking system.

High Performance Brake Kits

Finding individual brake components is often feasible for a vehicle owner if there are just one or two parts necessary to complete the job. But for some individuals who have more than one part of a brake assembly that needs to be replaced, buying a used complete brake kit can often be much more affordable.

When buying a high performance brake kits, it is good to know that they often come standard with brake pads, discs, and calipers. Buying an entire kit can really save a person a lot of time and money when they do not have to hunt down each individual item. But even when there is one part that is not needed out of the set, a used brake kit can still be more affordable than buying each part separately. It is important to inspect each piece that comes with a used kit to make sure that they are all in good shape and are a trustworthy addition to the vehicle.

Buying High Performance Brakes on eBay

Many racing enthusiasts like to buy high performance brake parts on eBay for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons that this online marketplace is popular is because it is easy to find parts that are used with the wide variety of people who sell their merchandise here. It is also popular because it is an easy way to find what they are looking for by typing in a keyword search.

Keyword searches are ones that can be as broad or as refined as you like and can be done from the eBay home page.. Broader searches return more results and give a larger variety of options for people who are not yet sure they know what they want. Refined searches can greatly reduce the amount of items returned to you in a search, but they can also save time if you know what want. For example, if you want a generic search keyword, simply type in "used high performance brake pads" and click on the search icon. All item that have been marked with those keywords are presented for you to browse through.


High performance brake parts are items that are often sought out by people who enjoy the thrill of high speed racing. Brakes of this calibre are often expensive, so many people choose to turn to buying their parts used instead. Brakes are in important safety feature that not only uses the brake pads, disc, and calipers to stop a vehicle, but brakes also help vehicles manoeuvre around corners while turning as well.

Each of the three components work together and are often made from heavy duty materials to stand up to the pressures experience by high speed. It is important to make sure the brake parts that are purchased and installed are in good working order. They can be purchased separately or all together in a kit, but either way, this type of high performance part does add a lot of enjoyment to a driver and helps keep some extra money in the wallet as well.

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