Used Scientific Calculator Buying Guide

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Used Scientific Calculator Buying Guide

Almost everyone in high school and college needs a scientific calculator at some point of their student life, whether it is to solve simple numerical questions or to calculate various scientific equations. No matter what one needs a scientific calculator for, there is likely a calculator designed for one’s specific needs. Although simpler scientific calculators are quite affordable, some more advanced ones can cost quite a bit. Therefore, it is not uncommon, especially for students, to buy used scientific calculators instead of brand new ones.

To those who are not familiar with scientific calculators, choosing one might seem confusing and overwhelming. However, it is actually quite simple if one knows what to look for in a scientific calculator. When buying a used scientific calculator, however, there are more factors that one should consider besides computing capabilities, such as the condition of the calculator and its age. To make an informed choice, buyers also need to be familiar with the features and functions of a scientific calculator, as well as how to choose a suitable one on eBay.

Features and Functions of a Scientific Calculator

The main function of a scientific calculator is to calculate various problems in mathematics, science, and also engineering. Compared to a regular calculator, scientific ones can handle more operations, from simple addition and subtraction to calculating various trigonometric functions. Modern scientific calculators usually display more digits in a line and may have two or more display lines, which can provide more information for the user. Some calculators, known as graphing calculators, can even compute numerous data and convert them into graphs. Besides that, scientific calculators have a higher memory power than a regular calculator, enabling them to store and calculate numerous functions, as well as to provide unit conversions.

Functions that even the most basic scientific calculators should have are calculating logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, storing scientific constants, and also writing scientific notations. Although scientific calculators are widely used in schools, colleges, and universities, some calculators may not be permitted for use in standardised exams as they may have too much computing power.

How to Buy a Used Scientific Calculator

Since scientific calculators tend to be more expensive than regular ones, many students may not afford to buy new ones. Also, they may only need the calculator for a few courses or lessons and investing in a new scientific calculator may not worth the expense. Regardless of the motivation, buying a used scientific calculator is easy because there are many people who sell used calculators at affordable prices for anyone, for example sellers on eBay.

Determine What Calculator is Needed

Most of the time, students are provided with a list of suitable calculators that they can buy. This can be obtained from the class syllabus or by asking the instructor. Some instructors may also recommend a certain brand and model for their class as they see fit. This enables them to have an easier time teaching their students how to use the various functions on a scientific calculator.

Some schools or colleges may even require students to use certain specific scientific calculators to provide a standardised learning experience. Therefore, before buying a scientific calculator, students must make sure of what brand and model of calculator they need to get.

If readers do not wish to buy a used calculator only to find that they cannot use it for another class or test, they should research more about what classes they will have throughout their study years. Some people may not only need their calculators for mathematics, but also for physics, statistics, and calculus. If this is the case, it is definitely wise to get a scientific calculator that can handle most of the problems faced in those subjects.

Get a Used Scientific Calculator With Memory

Calculator memory is important to store formulas, some constants, and even data regarding a problem. This feature can greatly help anyone when facing some tough problems if one knows how to use it. Although it is not absolutely necessary, buyers should consider getting a used scientific calculator with a memory function as they are likely to use it often. However, buyers should check that the memory on a calculator is functioning before purchasing it as some used calculators may have non functioning memories, especially if they are old or have been dropped or damaged.

Consider the Available Mathematical Operations

Besides performing basic mathematical operations, scientific calculators should be able to compute various functions such as calculating trigonometric and exponential functions. When buying a used calculator, one should make sure that it has all the features that they need as some models may only have basic functions. Asking the seller about the operations available on the calculator is a good idea, and so is reading the calculator’s instruction manual if the seller still has it.

Buyers who plan to use their scientific calculator for as long as they can should make sure that their calculator has all the functions that they can possibly need, at least until they complete their studies. Likewise, those buying a scientific calculator for work purposes should consider all the features that they may need in their job. Although some used calculators may be a few years old, one should not write them off immediately as outdated, as new models usually have minor improvements that do not affect one’s work, such as an improved display. In the end, it is up to the buyers to decide what features they want in their scientific calculator and choose accordingly.

Examine the Calculator Thoroughly

As with all used gadgets, used scientific calculators may have damages or other flaws. That is why it is important to check the calculator and make sure that it is functioning properly. The first thing to make sure of is that the calculator can be switched on. After that, one should check the display and see if it is bright enough and that there are no dead pixels on the screen. Besides looking at the display, readers should check all the buttons to see if they are functioning. The scientific calculator should also be able to carry out all the on-board operations. Therefore, one should test it out by solving a few problems on it, when this is possible. When buying online, one should ask the seller for this information.

When buying more advanced calculators, it is important to know from the seller if they come with any accessories as some calculators, especially graphing calculators, are sold with slide cases. Another thing to determine is the age of the calculator. A scientific calculator can be a few years old and still prove to be very useful. However, one should avoid buying calculators that are too old. Besides buying used calculators from friends and used item stores, one can also buy them online. However, since one cannot test the calculator when buying it online, it is important to correspond with the seller and obtain enough information about the calculator.

Buying a Used Scientific Calculator on eBay

eBay has a variety of scientific calculators for sale, both new and used ones. To search for a suitable used scientific calculator, all you need to do is open the eBay home page and type the keywords of the item that you want into the search bar. You can use various keywords such as "used scientific calculators" or "Casio used scientific calculator". After using your keywords, a list of appropriate calculators will appear, which you can then browse through. When looking at all the listed calculators, you can view information such as the calculator brand and model, price, as well as postage fee.

You can then select any used calculator that you like, where you are then directed to the product page. Some important information that you should look at on this page is the item’s condition and description. The item description should provide all the information that you need about the item, so make sure you read all of it. If you have any questions you want to ask the seller about the condition of the calculator, you can just click on their name and contact them directly. After making sure that everything about the calculator is to your liking, you can proceed to buy it.


Scientific calculators are important devices to have especially for students, teachers, and those who work with complex mathematical problems in their job. Although scientific calculators have advanced greatly over the years and even basic ones can handle complex operations, they may still be too costly to own for some. However, used scientific calculators are sometimes sold at a small fraction of the cost of their new counterparts.When purchasing a used calculator, there are various factors to consider, such as what does one need it for, what features does one want on the calculator, as well as what is the condition of the calculator.

Buyers should keep in mind that used calculators can have some minor blemishes and scratches, but they can still be fine to buy as long as they are functioning properly. Among the things to look out for when checking a used calculator are the display and buttons. Readers should also try out the calculator if possible, and make sure that all the on-board functions are still usable. eBay is a good place to shop for used scientific calculators as these are available from a variety of sellers located both in the U.K. and abroad.

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