Useful tips for your pc.

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A few helpful hints for you when buying computer items.Is the item compatible with your system?

what is your computer used for?for instance (graphics cards)do you want high res photos,are you a game player,or is it simply that your graphics are not up to scratch,whatever the reason feel free to e-mail us.Many people want a better looking desktop,eg-moving wallpaper,animated wallpapers,so the graphics do count in this situation,many games today require a great amount of performance from the graphics cards and will in some cases play,but with jolts or difficulty.

To get your system up to scratch,try to remember that it needs to run all the components smoothly,and in sink with each other.

Another useful tip is,keep your pc (clean)eg,defrag your machine frequently,also do disk cleanup,these two are good if your pc is running slow,because the work they do keeps the machine  free from unused files that are old or can find these in your systems tools menu.

Computer chips are also a thing to consider,there are many types,and just because you buy a 3000

it may only run at,2.2or2.4,some processors do not run the full 3000,or 2600,or 2800,they clock at different speeds,depending on a number of features,so this must be considered.


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