Useing Paypal

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As a newcomer to eBay it was sad to be the victim of misselling. The item was not as discribed and we advised the seller immediately of our position. The seller chose to adopt the Ostrich position thinking if she ignored us we would go away. After receiving no communicatrion whatsoever we turned to Paypal.  I have to say that they did the job but I would have liked more help and  guidance from them. E-Bay says that when you place a bid you are entering into a contract to buy what is advertised. I bought a phone discribed as in excellent condition which would be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery. The phone was not in excellent condition and was not delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery. The condition of the phone was a matter of opinion but the failure to deliver by the method advertised was not up for discussion. I felt that should have been enough to bring the matter to a speedy conclusion. Paypal had other ideas. Having to go to a retailer and asking  them to give you a report on an item you bought on e-Bay , depriveing them of a sale by doing so, is to say the least embarrassing and would have been unnesessary had they used the failure to post as advertised  as a means to resolve the dispute.
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