Uses Of Clear Polythene Plastic Bags Part 1-Packaging

Like if this guide is helpful

Part 1-This guide is intended to brief you on the of uses of "Clear Polythene Plastic Bags" that we supply.

I have decided to put my pen to paper or typing finger to computer and write a small guide for potential customers to read.

The Clear Polythene Plastic Bags sold by us here at East coast packaging are suitable for many a use this guide may be of interest to you as it informs you of some of the uses that we found they do have.

It is quite suprising when you think just how many uses they do have and the industries they cover

I have decided to start and add my ideas to this blog and if you are in any of these industries you may think "ah yes I can use them for these" or "i  know someone who can make use of these" I will tell them where i saw them over at .

So let us begin on the first part of uses for these items.

  1. Pet Shops-"Pet Products" For Bagging Those Pet Foods,Hamster Bedding and Doggy Treats.
  2. Sweet Stalls "Sweet Treats" Can be used to store and Display those Confectionairy Items.
  3. Baby Clothes "Baby Goods"-Keep these Safe,Protect them from Dust and Moisure and Display Them Well Make them look the part.
  4. "Gardening Plants and Seeds"-Store your items,Protect the items from harm.
  5. "Display and Presentation"-Could be used to do exactly that make your item stand out from the crowd with a Professional look.
  6. "Protective Packaging"-Fellow ebay sellers or E commerce Merchants These could be used to prepare an item for sending out in the post.Pop it in a bag and keep it extra protected.

I have always learnt that presentation of a product is one of the key areas when selling an item and a clear polythene bag adds that finishing touch to an item.

This adds so much quality to a product and they are most widely used in many areas.

I get may questions asking for what these bags can be used for more parts of this guide will be appearing shortly so please look out for more guides coming soon.

Thats it for Part 1 So I bid you good day for now.

Happy Trading


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