Using 90 and 100 minute CD-R Media (overburning)

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A standard CD-R is capable of recording 80 min of audio or 700MB of data, until recently a new 90-99 min format has been developed utilizing "Overburn"; however because Overburn feature is not standardized feature offered on all CD-R Writers in the market, not all CD Writers can recognize the extra storage space present on the disc.

To be able to used the extra 10-20 min of extra recording space, you need to have supporting hardware and software and the correct software setting. Most CD/DVD Burning software has limited the recording size to protect the burner that does not support 90 minutes burning. Therefore, most software disabled the "Overburning" feature by default.
In Nero version 5.x or earlier, go to 'Preferences' on the 'File' menu. Change the time figure for the red marker to 90 or 99 minutes to match the discs your going to use. Under the 'Expert Settings' enable Overburning, change the time figure to 90 or 99 minutes to match the discs used. When you go to burn the disc and the 'Write CD' dialogue box is shown, click on the right-most tab labelled 'Burn'. Make sure that the setting shows 'Disc at Once' not 'Track at Once' (you have to have 'No Multisession' checked). If it won't let you choose 'Disc at Once', try modifying your settings under the Multisession tab.
Nero version 6+ is a little different. When adding data to a compilation, click on the 'More' icon at the bottom of the screen. Select 'Configure' which brings up the 'Preferences' window. Under the 'General' tab, change the time figure for the red marker to match the discs being used (e.g. 90 or 99 minutes). Under the 'Expert Features' tab change the maximum disc size to match the discs being used.
Other popular recording software that allows Overburning are: WinOnCD, CDRWin, Feurio,CDRWIN, Discjuggler, Discsafe, Simdisc
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