Using Facebook to promote your Ebay store

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If you have an Ebay Store you Need a Facebook Page...Why?

Because with thousands and thousands of Items for sale on Ebay you need yours to be noticed to stand out from the crowd and most importantly to be seen..

Firstly if you have not already set up a Facebook Business page, not a personal profile, its against Facebook rules and you will most likely get reported so get a business page up, it looks more professional anyway.

Make sure you add your ebay store link to the info bar, alot of people wont want to type in your address to find you, if they can click an easily accessible link they will be more inclined to visit.
Post pictures of your items and add descriptions

Adding your store so people can view it on Facebook

There is a facebook app that adds all your ebay items onto your profile, Type in 'ebay' on the facebook search option and go to apps it should find it. Its a yellow icon with a trolley.
Its straightforward but any problems just give me a shout

Getting Likes/Shares & interacting with your fans
The first thing I did when I set up my page was to invite All of my friends to like it, to do this ----> Click 'Build Audience' its at the top right of your page then 'invite friends'
Next ask all your close friend/family to invite a friend or two

I run competitions and giveaways on my page which gets me alot of hits on ebay & facebook likes.
These dont have to be expensive items but they need to be desirable. For Example, I ran a comp to win a sweet hamper (I made it and it cost around £8 ) it got more likes and more interactions than when I ran a competition to win a £20 amazon voucher. Just see what works for you.
I like to use rafflecopter to run competitions as it requires liking & sharing to enter. Just google it and have a look.

Make sure you interact with your customers and not just keep throwing your items at them, I try to post around 3-4 times a week and just update my newly listed pics as and when I list new items rather than post every new item as a link. I don't want to spam my fans
Always give every buyer you get your facebook link, either on your compliments slip or in an email.

  • Ensure your ebay store link is on your page
  • Make sure all your pics have your ebay Store link in the description
  • Get the My Ebay Store App 
  • Get sharing your items as much as you can
  • Run a small Prize draw 
You are more than welcome to contact me if you need any help with the above.
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