Using PayPal outside of EBay (Not Recommended)

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 Using PayPal outside of EBay (Not Recommended)


Well guys I recently found out that using PayPal outside of Ebay has absolutely no benefit whatsoever. I purchased an item from the Net. I was extremely pleased to find out the website of my interest accepted

PayPal for security reasons, so I thought at the time. Of course a problem ocurred in this transaction where I was left with a broken item and no one did anything about it. Went to PayPal's Resolution Centre and

got absolutely wasted when finding out that the Buyer Protection Policy didn't apply outside of Ebay. I was appalled to discover this information when I needed them the most. All that Marketing, All that Talk but

the Walk, well, a Disaster. So I thought I would share this information so that you may protect yourself of the same end. Make sure you know all the details before you make a purchase!





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