Using Real Nappies-it's never been easier!

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Gone are the days of complicated folding, pins and plastic
pants - modern washable nappies come in a wide range of

Many are shaped-to-fit with gently elasticated legs and
waist for a snug fit. Many fasten with poppers, soft
velcro or with a clever little device called a Nappi Nippa.

Old-fashioned plastic pants have been replaced by
waterproof but breathable wraps. For a really
straightforward solution you can choose all-in-one
nappies where the waterproof outer is sewn onto the
nappy so there's only one piece to put on.

You don't have to soak or boil wash modern washable
nappies and using a biodegradable paper liner makes
it easier to deal with soiled nappies.

Most washable nappies are made from natural fabrics
and are soft and breathable. Using washable nappies
gives you the chance to control what you put next to
your baby's delicate skin.

They don't have to be boring either!

The Myths The Facts

They cause nappy rash

Independent studies show that frequency of nappy
changing is important, but the type of nappy used
is irrelevant

You have to soak them

You can soak them if you like, but you can store
them in a dry bucket if you prefer.

They leak

There are so many different cloth nappies that
you have a much wider choice of fit than with disposables.
If you choose the right cloth nappy for you child’s shape,
they leak much less than disposables.

They have to be sterilised

Modern washing machines wash well enough that this
isn’t necessary any more.

They smell more

Disposables can smell awful even when just wet, due to
the chemicals. Cloth nappies only smell of whatever
is put in them!

You have to touch poo!

You can use liners inside cloth nappies – with flushable
ones you can just drop the liner and poo down the toilet.

It’s lots of extra washing

You can wash wet nappies with your family’s normal washing
if you like. Soiled nappies should be washed separately or
prewashed first. Most families do a nappy wash every
2-3 days. And just think of all those wet or soiled clothes
you have to wash when disposables leak!

What about Nurseries/child minders?

Many nurseries and child-minders are happy to use modern
real nappies. It actually saves nurseries money as they
won't have to pay to dispose of any clinical waste
from your baby.

I have used disposable nappies for six months is it too late to change over?

No - it's not too late to change over from disposables
to cotton nappies. The quicker you make the change to
cotton nappies the more benefits for you and your
baby, and you can always use them for a second child
or sell them on eBay when you have finished.
Cotton Nappies have a good resale value.

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