Using a HD TV as a computer monitor

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If you want to use your HD TV as a computer monitor then a popular thing that catches people out if deciding on the right way of connecting the two together.

The computer end is fairly simple, if you have a DVI or HDMI output then use these as they are Digital Signals and the best choice for quality, if you have neither of these then use the VGA DSUB which is the normal analogue female D shaped 15 pin output that was the way all PCs used to connect to monitors.

As for the HD TV, it may have HDMI, DVI, VGA DSUB, Composite, SCART and SVHS.

Check in the manufacturer's manual to see what they recommend for connecting to a PC.

If they recommend VGA DSUB and you use the HDMI or DVI you will probably find that it will not run at its native resolution and will look odd.

The native resolution is what the monitor needs to be set to, for example most use WXGA which is 1366x768; you will need to have this resolution in the list of resolutions on your PC.

Many Graphics cards do not support this, if you have an ATI or Nvidia graphics card then they support adding a custom resolution if it is not already in the list.

Once you have battled with all of this then you may find that the screen does not fit, for example part of the start button may be hidden, the TV should have an option to change the height and width of the image and maybe options for moving it left and right and up and down.

Despite your best efforts the end result may still be less than satisfactory, in which case a better graphics card or some expert advice may be required.

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