Using a Ouija Board ~Casting & Closing a circle

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I have been selling ouija boards offline for a number of years and have recently began to sell them here due to the success stories many of my customers have had with them, I love to hear of your success with the ouija boards but I do want you to know the ins and outs of beginning a ouija session. An important part is to cast and close a circle,thus preventing harmful spirits or mischevious poltergeists making their way through to our domain.

How to use the board

Place the board on a table with the participants sitting around it.

There should ALWAYS be more than one person using a ouija board.

Place your chosen Planchette/Pointer on the board.

At this point some people find it aids concentration to light candles in the four corners of the room in which the board is being used but this is an option and not a must.

When you are ready to begin it is time to cast an opening circle, do this by having everyone hold hands and take time to clear their minds,visualize yourselves circled in light and have the spirit guide(the person chosen in the group to be the talker to the spirits)recite the following:

"There is a land whre we all go,

Whence ne'er the frost nor cold wnd blow,

And friends remembered reunite,

And those who hate,forget their spite,

In glow surround these gentle beings,

We call you now to bless our meetings,

Heaven's promise, our spirits thrive,

So no for the living, let the dead come alive.

Greetings spirits,

Speak thee to us."


Now have all participants place a finger on the planchette and slowly circle the board a few times with it before asking your first question. Be patient, the spirit world doors open with time and like humans spirits are wary of strangers so please give them time to trust you with their answers.

IMPORTANT:After your session you must always remember to close the Ouija Board to prevent harmful spirits making their way through the gates. Do this by:

Thanking the spirits for answering your questions , before moving the planchette over goodbye, Say goodbye to the spirits and remove your fingers from the planchette.



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