Using a processor cpu with a missing or broken pin

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Got a socket 478 or similar processor with a missing pin ?? Before you scream/curse/cry out in anguish... read on.

You will need :

  • some of that plasticised wire stuff (see pic) that keeps cables tidy/sandwiches fresh (its the wire inside thats going to replace the missing pin)

  • cable cutters - the smaller the better
  • needle-nose pliers or tweezers.
  • steady pair of hands and good vision .. sobriety really
  1. You need to suss out which hole in the socket the missing pin should have gone into,if its a missing corner pin you're in luck, if not, count.
  2. Get a small piece of the plasticised wire stuff and peel some of the plastic back exposing a short length of the wire.
  3. With needle-nose pliers or tweezoids, Insert exposed wire into the hole where the missing pin should go.
  4. With cable cutters,Snip off excess of plasticised wire stuff leaving a few mm of the wire sticking out of the socket making sure its straight (minimises risk of touching an adjacent pin)
  5. Pop the processor back into the socket carefully and close locking lever.
  6. Adequate contact between the wire and solder blob on the cpu should be made purely due to the locking lever and weight of the cooler.

Keep fingers crossed and switch on - I've had success with 4 out of 5 "knackered" chips using this method, hope this has helped and good luck.

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