Using a reward Chart for potty training

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It doesn't have to be hard work potty training your child. Begin potty training when your child is ready, when YOU are ready and when you have the time to be consistent and patient. You may find the warmer months to be a good time to start potty training as your child will be wearing less clothing and also consider holiday periods when you may have more free time.

It may be a good idea to purchase a potty long before your child is ready to potty train, so that when your child is ready, the potty is not so alien to them. Also there are several childrens picture books that you could also read to your child to introduce them to using a potty.

OK, so your child is ready, you're ready and the time is right - great!

Your first main goal for potty training is to get your child to stay dry during the day. Initially, at regular intervals during the day, ask your child to sit on the potty. They don't need to stay on it for too long, just for a few minutes. Each time they sit on the potty, and stay sat for a reasonable amount of time (no more than a couple minutes) reward them with a sticker on their chart. Use loads of praise, hugs and kisses. Ask your child regularly if they need to go to the bathroom and make sure you encourage them to tell you when they need to go. If they ask to use the potty, even if they don't manage to go, to begin with you could also reward them with a sticker.

Once your child is confident with sitting on the potty and regularly asks to use the potty, you can then only reward them when they successfully use the potty. Again give loads of praise and hugs, as well as rewarding with a sticker. Now, you could also give them a sticker to place on their potty or to stick on their jumper. Continue rewarding with stickers until your child is confident with using the potty.
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