Using eBay and PayPal safely

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Personally, I wouldn't use eBay and I wouldn't use PayPal. Well, I have little or no intention of using either at any time in the future. The main reasons are:

Despite claims from both eBay and PayPal, they actually offer little or no buyer protection. Both will seemingly make decisions based upon how much effort may be required on their part as a result.

Questions are routinely ignored, even when asked repeatedly and when advice is given regarding following website links in order to resolve an issue, the link has, in my experience, always been a blind alley.

Both PayPal and eBay do, of course, eventually offer the opportunity to 'phone them and speak with a representative. However, the numbers provided are premium rate numbers. So, having frustrated the customer to the point of hair-tearing, refusing to answer questions to the point of table-thumping and refusing to acknowledge errors to the point of door-kicking, eBay and PayPal want to make money from their own pathetic performance.

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