Using eBay spelling mistakes to get bargains

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Welcome to my guide on how to spot bargains on eBay from sellers who fail to spell their titles correctly.

eBay sellers make mistakes because they cannot spell

eBay buyers who can spell, will never see items listed by the sellers that do not spell their titles correctly.

The benefit to the smart buyer who finds the items with spelling mistakes is that not a lot of bidding will happen on those items so in theory if you find these gems you will get a bargain.  You can even then re-list it correctly and make a handsome profit.

A typical example of a listing that has ebay spelling mistakes is :


Note the ebay spelling mistake of RECORDER.  Not many people looking for a video recorder will get this item listed when they search.

So how do you find these spelling mistakes?

You could spend hours trying to spot them, or you could use one of the services out there that takes what you are searching for and applies the spelling mistakes automatically, then returns all the items on eBay for you.

The best one I have ever used that has lots of other features is Goofbay

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