Using paper lanterns for lighting or decorations

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Paper lanterns are great for decorations and lighting.

They are easy to install and simply clip over the lighting cord or hooked over a string if being used for decorations for a wedding party etc. For more information google "PaperLanternsUK" for a gallery of images, tips and videos.

Normal installation of paper lanterns for home or office

Paper lanterns are very simple to assemble and install. They simply clip over the electric cord on on a standard pendant light cord; so they do not require any additional electrical connections.

Using paper lanterns for wedding or party decorations etc.

Paper lanterns make great decorations for weddings, birthday parties, festive events such as Christmas and many more. We have a wide range of colours and sizes to match in with most decors and requirements. 

Paper lanterns can also be painted or decorated to personalise them for a wedding, party or festive event such as Christmas. Personalising paper lanterns can also be great fun. For a wedding paper lanterns could be painted with the initials of the bride and groom in a heart or the outline of a heart painted on the paper lantern for example.

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