Using the GrassTech II Flock / Static Grass Applicator

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Using The GrassTech II – Flocking Applicator

The JJP Manufacturing GrassTech II is the ideal tool for applying flock / static grass on a model landscape.
Utilising a specially developed electrostatic technique, the grass fibres get electrostatically charged and will land and remain in a vertical position on the scenery, creating a realistic grass effect.

Direction for use:

• Apply flock adhesive onto the selected area that you want to flock. Fill the white container on the GrassTech II approximately 2/3 full with the flock / static grass of you’re choice. Screw on the filter attachment.
• Attach the alligator clip to the adhesive on the landscape in the area you are going to flock. This will polarize the device. If you are unable to attach the clip, then we recommend sticking a small nail into the glued area and proceed to attach the clip.
• Turn on the GrassTech II and gently shake the device over the area coated with glue. Allow the glue to dry and brush off or vacuum up the loose flock. You may re-use the loose flock again
• When you are finished with the GrassTech II, ALWAYS SWITCH OFF.

Funnel Attachment (optional):
Use the Funnel Attachment to flock small areas. It is also ideal for flocking areas that are difficult to reach. Fill the container approximately 1/3 full when using this attachment, Screw on the funnel and use in the same manner as above.

Power Adapter (Optional):
The optional power adapter replaces the battery in the GrassTech II, In addition to the benefits of not having to replace batteries; the power adapter also increases the power of the GrassTech II by 25% which provides a more dense coverage and faster application. This adapter is not essential for most uses; we introduced it as an optional extra at the request of professional modellers and those that required constant or heavy use of the GrassTech II.


• The specially designed electrical circuit within the GrassTech II converts the 9V battery current into a stable high voltage, reaching 16,000 V DC. (22,000 V DC with optional power adapter)
• The grey plate at the bottom of the white container is a special developed material that creates a negative pole carried by the grass fibres.
• The positive pole travels through the attached wire on the device and releases through the alligator clip.
• As the fibres exit the hopper they are pulled mid-air through an electrical field allowing the fibres to land in a vertical position onto the adhesive covered surface.
• To achieve an effective electrical field you should use glue that conducts electricity.

Safety Instructions:

The JJP Manufacturing  GrassTech II  has been designed to meet modern safety standards and is professionally manufactured and fully tested by certified engineers, The following precautions should be adhered to at all times.

• Not recommended for use by children.
• Never physically touch or place a foreign object inside the white container / hopper when the device is turned on or in use. When switched off the tool still carries a residual charge – take care not to touch the inside of the hopper and the alligator clip at same time. It is possible to discharge the tool by placing the alligator clip inside the hopper when the tool is turned off, hold the wire a minimum of 6” away from the hopper as a spark will occur.
• The formation of sparks is possible during operation. Keep away from flammable liquids, gas or any combustible materials during operation and storage. Make sure the item is stored in a dry area and protect it from humidity, moisture and damp. Never use or turn on the device, if you notice moisture in or on the GrassTech II. Remove battery when not in use.

Ensure the GrassTech II is turned off and battery/power adapter is removed. Never change or stress the grey conductive material at the base of the white container/hopper. Do not use solvents, liquid cleaners or water to clean your GrassTech II or its parts, simply use a dry towel or a small paintbrush.

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