Using the Micro SD to Normal SD adapter Converter

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Using the Micro SD to Normal SD adapter Converter

Let me first of all explain that this guide is not to patronise. Im sure most people will be thinking, 'surely you just plug it in and away you go?'. This guide is simply to explain how to use the Micro SD to SD Adapter Converter and try to overcome any issues that may crop up.

I first purchased one of these little cards for around 2.00GBP as my mobile phone had been upgraded and contained a new 8GB SDHC card. I was happy with this, my new mobile phone could now store 8GB of music and videos etc. Perfect for me as I love my entertainment.

I suddenly realised that the card reader on my laptop only accepted the normal size SD cards and so, without connecting my phone, I couldn't keep my music up to date. In comes the converter!

I couldn't get over how easy to use the  SD adapter was to use. The only problem that I encountered was that my Micro SD card was an SDHC card. This is the new type of Micro SD card and basically stands for Micro Secure Digital High Capacity card. I had no idea at the time but, after some research, found that this was the new form of SD card designed to increase the amount of memory you can get on a memory card. I was happy with this, but soon came up against a problem because of this.

Usually, when I put a memory card into my SD card slot on my laptop, it opens the usual 'What do you want to do' window. From here I can view photos and music on my card etc. When I inserted my SDHC card into my Micro SD to SD Adapter Converter and put this in my card reader...nothing. Now, as mentioned before, I love the Micro SD to SD Adapter Converter as it works a charm. I reseearched and found that this was actually a problem with windows accepting SDHC cards! You can imagine my frustration! I then found a resolution, one that I wanted to share with you in this guide so that you don't spend hours trawling the internet as I did!

Most Micro SD cards will be fine, it is just the newer SDHC cards over 4GB that have this problem, and the solution is a simple one. An update from Microsoft themselves! You will have to copy and paste the link yourself as these aren't insertable but here it is:

I installed the link, inserted my SD adapter with the SDHC card inside ad low and works great! The 'What do you want to do' window opens and I can add and remove files as I see fit.

As mentioned, the purpose of this article is simply to save you having to spend hours looking for the solution, as I did and also to give you insight into the fact that the Micro SD to SD Adapter Converter is a great product if you have a new Micro SD card.

You can visit my page at wakeyse7en. You can also purchase the Micro SD to SD Adapter Converter from there.
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